A mortgage maker that positioned itself as a “Christian” lender wasn’t immune to secular market forces and fired employees are learning to turn the other cheek when it comes to their severance pay: a $20 supermarket gift card. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]


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  1. rmz says:

    If there’s a market subset that you can target, someone will do it, I guess.

    Next up: a mortage lending company strictly for 33-year-old balding Irish construction workers named Steve!

  2. forever_knight says:

    wow. he basically pissed on his employees (he’s a Christian, remember) and they turned the other cheek. how disgusting.

  3. Daemon_of_Waffle says:

    He’s not just a christian, but a True Christian.

  4. revmatty says:

    “A Christian business” is a popular designation here in the midwest. My experience has been the people who feel the need to state that on their ads/signs/business cards etc are not to be trusted. They seem to think that their customers will be happy with lower quality products and services as long as the money is going to a Christian.

    I’ve used several of these companies based on recommendations without realizing their primary marketing gimmick was religion and every single time been very disappointed with the results. Now if someone emphasizes that they’re a Christian roofing/lawn/plumbing/food services/whatever company they go straight to my “never do business with” list.

  5. zolielo says:

    Unless religion is one’s profession; bring it up for ventures is a mistake.

  6. TechnoDestructo says:

    Christ, if you’re going to give that little severance, you might as well give nothing at all. That’s a slap in the face.

  7. kimdog says:

    Evidently Jesus isn’t too happy with this subprime situation. I guess they didn’t pray hard enough.

  8. mefinney says:

    If a company goes bankrupt, they don’t have any money. Why should they pay their employees with money they don’t have? And why should they be upset when they get a gift card?

    I sympathize with them, as I know it is tough to lose a job. But, it sounds like these folks are confused about what “Christian” means. The employees watched as circumstances began to deteriorate. The stock was worth pennies. They knew that there serious problems. It should come as no shock that there was no longer a need for their positions.

    I agree it’s crap that they weren’t given the proper 60 day mass layoff notice. But, beyond that, these people don’t have a right to complain about anything “Unchristian”, including the gift cards. In fact, wouldn’t it be more wrong if the company gave their no-contract-at-will employees money that it didn’t even have? Hmm….

  9. OF COURSE it’s Georgia! It’s ALWAYS Georgia! WHY!?!?!?!


    @zolielo: That happens more often in this state than you might think.

    @TechnoDestructo: Yeah, particularly after allegedly not paying overtime.

  10. myrall says:

    Oh honey, it’s always in GA! We should get our own tag like Fark.com does for Florida.

  11. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    No, because it’s a “Christian” company, they know their employees are Christians. That means they can expect them to turn the other cheek when they slap the first one.

  12. swalve says:

    I always avoid businesses that feel the need to mention that they are Christian/Irish/Jew/Black/Etc. owned, because that says to me they can’t make it on their merits, they have to “fish stocked lakes” to lure customers.

  13. GearheadGeek says:

    @mefinney: Maybe they’re pissed off that when the founder was canned earlier in the year, HE got a severance of nearly $5 million, and everyone else gets a $20 Publix gift card.

  14. mikehager66 says:

    The louder someone proclaims they are Christian the less likely they are. I notice they are usually hypocrites and wouldn’t piss on you if your gums were on fire. Go to hell your bastards and take your $20 gift card and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  15. samurailynn says:

    @mefinney: Possibly they were pissed about the fact that someone got FIRED earlier this year and received a $4.98 MILLION severance package. That would be a little upsetting to me as well.

  16. Robert Synnott says:

    When they say ‘Christian mortgages’, they may mean something other than just a Christian-run business. There are special financial services for Muslims, at least (and also, I think, Jews) due to religious restrictions on the lending of money with interest. This could be something along the same lines, perhaps.