Adventures In Receipt Check Refusals Continue

Rich in Michigan writes that a Michigan Sam’s Club employee foiled his efforts to circumvent the receipt-checking line.

I was detained in a Sams Club receipt-checking line today. When I attempted to steer my cart around the line and out the exit door, an employee with a nametag of ‘Linda’ stepped in front of my cart and asked me to surrender my receipt. When I asked if I was being detained, she assured me that I was…

At this point, she took the receipt out of my hand, checked it (there were two items in the cart), I left the store. I’m not exactly sure if what went on was legal or ethical, but I damn sure know that it was terrible customer service.

You know, in all this receipt-checking kerfuffle we’ve mentioned that places like Sam’s Club can insert mandatory receipt-checking clauses in their contracts, but we’ve yet to see one proper, and darned if we can’t find a copy of their membership agreement online.

Scavenger hunt: provide us with a copy of a store’s, any store’s, membership contract that says that by signing it you agree to mandatory receipt checks.

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