"Bill Gates, You Suck"

Dan Jouver, a self-identifying southern Floridian, is yet another customer experiencing Xbox’s notorious Red Ring of Death product failure, multiple times, but unlike others, he is eventually driven to destroy his Xbox on-camera in a series of exciting scenarios.

See, Dan wants to play Tiger Woods, Madden, Need For Speed, and GTA… so he plays them with his broken XBOX. It’s a process that involves large pieces of plastic and metal become smaller, multiple, pieces of plastic and metal.

That’s in the second video, below. The first video, above, is his expression of frustration with the warranty repair process in the typical “straight to camera” mode, but the eponymous conveyance of his true feelings, and the appearance of what looks like a recalled Fisher-Price toy in the background, raise it above the quotidian.


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  1. Way to destroy an empty box. ;P

  2. Evil J, Prince of Half Truths and Lord of Low-Light Environments says:

    Gotta love the Backdraft poster… because nothing screams game room like… Backdraft.

  3. Optimistic Prime says:

    I feel for the guy, but how much you want to bet he was using Windows to make the film?

  4. vagrantwade says:

    1) Why does he still have the sticker on the controller?

    2) I sent my 360 in to Microsoft and I got it back in 1 1/2 weeks.

    3) What the french does Bill Gates have to do with your 360? He isn’t even the CEO of Microsoft let alone President of the gaming division…

  5. i_am_scifi says:

    It’s a shame he couldn’t fit in some “Gears of War” before he smashed it to bits. Would’ve been nice to see him shoot it a few times. Ah well.

  6. i_am_scifi says:

    It’s a shame he couldn’t fit in some “Gears of War” before he smashed it to bits. Would’ve been nice to see him shoot it a few times. Ah well.

  7. Agies says:

    That guy’s a total asshat.

  8. SilverStar95 says:

    @crecente: Problem is, the HDD and stuff went flying out when he ran over it. And it shows the rear tire of the truck rather firmly planted on the X360, and box, at the end.

    Not exactly empty.

  9. Agies says:

    @SilverStar95: Actually it looks like it was an empty case.

  10. ehrgeiz says:

    Oh noes he can’t play the games for a week so I’ll smash my xbox.

    Really he can’t bitch that much, they extended the warranty across the board for 3 years so he wouldn’t be paying anything just has to send it in. Eveyone needs their web 15 I guess.

  11. Moe Power says:

    @vagrantwade: Unfortunately, some people aren’t so lucky as to have gotten it back that early. My fiancé just got his back yesterday after an almost 3 month wait. Throw in some Post Office errors and you got yourself a pretty big headache. As far as the whole Bill Gates thing, he had me scratchin’ my head at that one too.

    However, I always enjoy seeing people destroy their consoles in interesting ways. I’m shocked he didn’t snap his golf club in half, though.

  12. killavanilla says:

    My 360 bricked and I called Xbox. They sent me a shipping box in a week. When I was getting it ready to ship, I noticed that the tamper sticker had been removed by the putz who I bought it from.
    So XBOX refused to fix it.
    I found a local place that did it for $40. It was ready the next day. it works and hasn’t failed since.
    Why smashy-smash a completely fixable 360?
    People – stop smashing your crap! Give it away, sell it, or get it fixed….

  13. amoney3 says:

    thing is, that we never got a close up of the parts. who knows, that can be spare plastic pieces or just a case. why would you make a video and not get all the detail.

  14. dbeahn says:

    In the first video he says it was 3 weeks after he got it back that it broke. In the second he says 2 weeks? Guess when you’re making up the story as you go along the facts can change?

    Seriously, given that the OTHER big game system maker that’s also involved with computers won’t cover anything that happens past 90 days, and often won’t cover anything inside 90 days if they can get away with it (Oh, that’s because of heat – you didn’t have it in a well ventilated area, so it’s not covered…) I think Microsoft did the right thing in extending the warranty – not just once, to a year (which was IMHO reasonable given that all the other systems and many computers these days only have a 90 day warranty) but to a full 3 years. Above and beyond.

    This guy is just a moron. They offered to fix it, but he wanted his money back. He says he bought it from Microsoft? I didn’t know they sold them direct?

    He should have at least escalated the problem before making a (really bad) internet video.

  15. MrBartokomous says:

    I think buying a PS3 would be a totally different kind of mistake.

    It’d be more expensive.

  16. vagrantwade says:

    I wasn’t implying he was the only one who had to wait a while. I was demonstrating that with some consoles at certain times, they get back sooner. So it’s not like it’s common practice for them to wait 8 weeks.

  17. SenorChefy says:

    Check out my Titan, bitches!! Oh to see that radar detector light up and see Angry Dan get thumped for a speeding ticket to add insult to injury. But alas.

    I feel dude’s pain (I’m on my second), but fella- you just pissed away $400 for a silly You Tube video of righteous indignation.

  18. Dibbler says:

    I’ve had mine since the beginning and no problems here. This guy is just trying to get a new 360 delivered to his door by Bill in person and a big kiss-up from the company. Maybe he should get a life and stop playing so many video games.

    This is for the Xbox Live players. They’ll know what I’m talking about: Why is it that 75% of the people of xbox live live in either Florida or Canada?

  19. Doomstink says:

    He definitely didn’t smash it, if this person was really breaking a $380.00 machine for his video, he would have made sure to get clear shots of the aftermath. I did notice that they attempted to make it look like he actually ran it over by throwing a face plate on the ground.

    This guy should also take the time to learn to use the exposure setting on his camera. It’s so bright you can’t see what he is doing to the xbox. What an ass.

  20. dbeahn says:

    @Doomstink: No kidding. If he can’t figure his camera out, it begs the question if HE did something wrong with the Xbox.

    Missing COMPLETELY from this video is any scrap of circuit board. There also doesn’t seem to be any mangled metal from the case or the DVD drive’s case.

  21. jacksinn says:

    What an ass clown. madden, need 4 speed? these are why he has a 360?

    And at the expense of sounding whiny: i guess since he isn’t in high school anymore he has to find another outlet to show his jock loser friends that he is still hardcore (while likely smashing old computer parts).

  22. sonichghog says:

    Wow, from start to finish I got mine back in less than 2 weeks.

    This guy looks like a sony fanboy, if he was serious he would of put in something about the Wii, but no, Just go and get a PS3 instead…. Oh Please….

    BTW, when my Wii broke, I got it back in less that 2 weeks as well.

  23. rockosolido says:

    Well done, a true testament to the imbred jackassery of Florida natives. You, sir, have done your kinsmen proud.

    “A paperweight…paperweight, for a paper.”

  24. MikeTheSpike says:

    Ahh, what a champ. After a life spent framing houses, watching sports, kicking dogs, drinking domestic beer, electing Bush in 2000, getting tattoos on his elbows and asphalting roads, this fine gentleman finally found something to stand up for (albeit in a questionable, box-is-probably-empty way). Hats off to you, sir.

  25. warf0x0r says:

    I hope we as consumers don’t destroy video complaints as a good tool to teach manufacturers/companies/retailers that we can effect their bottom line with word of mouth by just smashing things in various ways. I think a video that highlights time involved and monies wasted by both parties would be more effective than smashing… or at least we should save smashing for certain extreme situations.

    As a gamer I was never that impressed with the Xbox line of products, or their ability to simply buy studios to make titles platform exclusive, and now I have a definite reason never to buy one. This video makes it clear to me that I could end up with a $400 (plus) brick that I constantly have to mail around before it works as it should out of the box.

  26. landu13 says:

    quit crying and buy a playstation 3. Sure the game selection might not be the best yet but hey i can play my system more than a xbox person can play theirs ;)

  27. scoopy says:

    Am I the only one that just buys a new one and returns the broken one in the new box?

  28. scoopy says:

    @landu13: That’s a great idea, just buy a lame system with lame games and never have to worry about it breaking because you never use it.

  29. SybilDisobedience says:

    OK, not that this guy is hurting like Jordan Fogal (the lady whose lemon house and its crappy builders put her in bankruptcy), but why do so many people on this blog take every chance to rag on the consumers with complaints? Listen, smashing the XBox isn’t the best answer in the world, and lord knows he could’ve made a better video, but is that really the point? Why isn’t anyone casting a baleful gaze on the poor product quality that’s necessitating all these recalls and repeated repairs in the first place? Is it because he’s a redneck that he doesn’t deserve any empathy?

  30. roche says:

    @eslaydog: It is interesting how you can do that as they put the serial number on the receipt.

  31. Phantom_Photon says:

    Look at that box fly! It’s pretty obvious the XBox is NOT in the box. Fanboy!

    Microsoft certainly should be resolving the reliability problems right away, but this has sonydefenseforce.com written all over it.

  32. FOOD88 says:


    The guy doesn’t seem to stay consistent with that small fact, but is it worth mentioning regardless of the fact that his 360 crapped out on him for the second time?

    In regards to your comment on the other product’s warranty, it is actually a (1) year from the purchase date, not 90 days.

    I think the Floridian has every right to be angry. I would be damned if I ever bought anything over $300 only to have it crap out on me and have to wait 8 weeks to get it back.

    The reason Microsoft adopted the 3 year warranty is most likely because they just couldn’t sleep knowing that their fan base was getting ripped off, not because they are betting their product was going to outlast the warranty and gain confidence.

    In my opinion, Dan Jouver has every right to make his statement loud and clear. I’m not debating on whether or not it’s “smart” to break a 360 in the end, I’m just saying that his actions are understandable.

  33. Doomstalk says:

    The big question here is: why are you even giving this cockjockey the exposure?

  34. scoopy says:

    Whether its interesting or not, it is very true. Of course, I don’t buy my systems at nerd stores like Gamestop or Toys R Us. You may want to stop picking up your games systems and your Chewbacca action figures at the same time and shop at places that cater to adults.

  35. mr_fancy says:

    almost everybodys X360’s are braking but cuz you got lucky and yours still fine then this is just a hoax? but you know what? stop making excuses for that piece of s***!!! even mine got broke and i’m not the only one all of my friends that have an x360 has broke too so all of you can simply shut up?

  36. silentbobfan says:

    Why are we watching this moron again? I had to send off my 360 too but if it breaks again when I get it back I’m not going to run over it with my car. Unless the 360 I get back RRoDs, my in store warranty will begin in November so I can just take my 360 in and get a new one.

  37. lincolnparadox says:

    I hate to be a dick to a frustrated consumer, but…


    Apparently, blunt force works well…

  38. KapuKapper says:

    If only he’d added Bioshock and taken it out into the Gulf…

    Viva Pinata: Smack it with a shovel, resulting in a colorful a’splosion of candy…

    Earth Defense Force: Cover it in honey and place it on the closest fire ant mound…

  39. sycodude says:

    Right on brotha! ha ha

  40. EmTeeZ says:

    @rockosolido: Did you just say imbred? Perhaps you are a little imbred as well?

    @eslaydog: Sorry, we children do not have time to make a weekly trip to Saks Fifth Avenue to buy new systems to replace the broken ones.

  41. ehrgeiz says:

    @SybilDisobedience: Why complain when MS came out and said all xbox 360 are defective we are increasing the warranty because of this. If the company denied it you could complain but now whats the point? They already bit the bullet and are paying large amounts of money to fix every console that has not been tampered with.

  42. scoopy says:

    @EmTeeZ: Have it your way. Just don’t go ape when it takes 2+ weeks to get your life, um, er, games system back.

  43. Don Roberto says:

    I like this guy’s style. If you ask me, though, he’s way too obsessed with video games for his age.

  44. roche says:

    @eslaydog: I bought mine at Wal-Mart. Most major stores have their cash registers programed to force you to scan the serial before it will allow you to complete the purchase.

    Why be a dick just because I pointed out your little “scam” was not possible?

  45. scoopy says:

    @roche: Don’t be a ‘roche’bag because you shop at Walmart and can’t afford the $40 membership to Costco.

  46. Xerloq says:

    I wanna play Halo 3 on my PS3 but Bill Gates says I can’t, so I’m gonna go smash my Wii now. Take that, Chris Taylor!

    Seriously, smashing fixable stuff doesn’t make any sense to me.

  47. sycodude says:

    @ehrgeiz: they didn’t bite the bullet at all… but hey if you like the standard MS has set then continue buying their hardware.

    theyre a corporation.. no need to defend them, they have lawyers for that…

  48. North of 49 says:

    that poor golf club…

    Too bad he completely voided his warrantee playing grand theft auto/need for speed. I don’t think they cover “runned over.”

  49. edrift101 says:

    I really feel this guys pain.

    My 360 burned out last weekend, while I was playing Bioshock (great game, BTW.) I just about screamed when I saw the three glowing LEDs…

    Do yourself a favor and DON’T buy either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. They both have major manufacturing defects…

    On a side note: I’m now the proud owner of a PSP, which is a pretty cool portable system.

  50. HeartBurnKid says:

    @sonichghog: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Sony tried to fake “viral marketing”… anybody remember the PSP blog?

  51. Techguy1138 says:


    You have several forces at work. The video is poorly made and is a big overreaction. People who overreact are viewed poorly,even if their complaint is valid.

    It’s fun to blame the consumer. It happens all the time here.

    Video gamers who are on web boards tend to be fanatical. MS has a special brand of fanatical following. Almost anytime you hear of an XBOX 360 related complaint you have people dismissing the complaint as user abuse. Any person dissatisfied with MS return service is unreasonable and impatient.

    I’d bet there are no more than 1000 people on the internet who are that extreme but they tend to come out of the woodwork on any game article.

    So the posted video a a triple combination of hate the person who received a crappy product.

  52. Blackmagik55 says:

    Ha, I actually know this guy, he’s a firefighter for the city I live in. I feel his pain.

  53. BrianH says:

    This whole thing screams Florida white trash loser assclown. He talks about games & seasons? Doesn’t this pylon have a life? What a loser.

    The Xbox360 problems are real but this guy is a grown man who has nothing better to do than make videos of broken consoles, uniform changes and all?

    I think I sense a new internet meme about to start…. The Xbox360 Florida Assclown. Coming soon to YTMND….

  54. WPack911 says:

    I think he really did destroy it, I have no reason to mistrust a firefighting Phins fan. Plus, to all you people saying “you just pissed away $400” and stuff like that well maybe he got more satisfaction knowing he did not have to deal with a piece of crap built console then he ever would have got a out a of console that he spends more time waiting to get fixed then actually playing.

    I feel for this guy, and this is why I am constantly telling my friend with a big temper that is thinking about getting a 360 to not at all costs, at least until then fix the damn thing, if that ever happens. I really don’t know what he would to do when that red ring of death pop’s up.


  55. coss3n says:

    Can you say “bandwagon”? Jeez, someone smashes a macbook on Consumerist and suddenly it’s beat-the-crap-out-of-consumer-electronics season.

  56. Reno_NV says:

    As a golfer I am insulted by his Happy Fuck-Ass Gilmore impression that chunks the grass so bad that the beaver pelt of grass he chunks is more intimidating than the actual contact with the box.

  57. xiaNaix says:

    This new fad of people destroying things in YouTube videos hoping to get corporate freebies has to stop. You could make a living just buying dead electronics, smashing them, then hitting up the companies for new product.

  58. dbeahn says:

    @landu13: You may notice the reason that there isn’t much outcry about the problems with the PS3 is that no one is buying them, and the ones that have sold don’t see any use? And the ones that do break after 90 days, it’s pay to fix with Sony.

    @WPack911: Make sure you get one of the ones with an HDMI port and you’re fine. They’re on the 65nm tech (cooler in the first place) and have a more efficient cooling setup.

    The asshat in the video doesn’t mention how old his first one was, but I’ve had mine for a long time now and haven’t had a problem. I’ll admit, I keep ALL of my home electronics in well ventilated areas, but then I also change the oil in my car and don’t wash my cell phone in water.

  59. bedofnails says:

    Is the domain, “virginswhobreakstuff.com” available?

  60. That was AWESOME!

    My 2nd XBox 360 broke two days ago, just in time for Halo 3 and PGR4. I had murder in my mind this weekend, too.

    Bill Gates, You Do Suck!

  61. quilliry says:

    the revolution begins with this guy

  62. sonichghog says:

    There have been a few of these videos going around with smashing of broken electronics. The only difference here is the MS is actually willing to fix the issues for free. All the other smashing videos were done against companies NOT fixing the units.

    I agree with the other poster here, this smells like someting Sony would put out.

  63. Tzepish says:

    @dbeahn: It’s annoying enough having to wade through the console fanboys on Kotaku, but let’s not infect Consumerist with fanboyism as well, if we can help it.

  64. crazycatguy says:

    I’ve had my 360 since launch and it is still truckin. I also have a Dell Plasma TV that hasn’t worked right since the day I bought it. And a Sony CD player that completely crapped out in 1 year. It’s a bummer, but that’s the way modern electronics are. At least MS is making it as easy as possible to get the 360’s replaced.

  65. Dancing Milkcarton says:

    This guy needs a good editor – could of had this down to 30 seconds. Do I really need to wait 20 seconds while you back your truck up? Oh well – next time, just buy it at Costco and take it back when it rings. Who messes with mailing stuff in? What is this? 1992?

  66. dbeahn says:

    @Tzepish: So if I have my own opinion, I’m a fanboy, is that it?

    I happen to think they went above and beyond in extending the warranty not once, but twice. Sony certainly never has and never would do that. Want an example? The VGN-FJ series notebook. The WEGA tube TVs from 2004-2007. Sony’s plasma TVs. All products found to have either design and/or manufacturing issues. But if you’re outside your 90 day or one year warranty (whichever applied) then you were out of luck.

    So by all means, let’s not acknowledge when a company goes and does the right thing – that’ll sure show them!

  67. Fl3shy says:

    XP is outdated, vista doesnt work, apple is overpriced, xboxes break, ps3 has no games, wii is for kids…

    Linux anyone? :P

  68. Televiper says:

    Way what you want. It’s great that MS extends the warranty. But, it’s completely inexcusable that so many people would have to send their product back multiple times. MS is just doing a really shoddy job at handling their recall. It’s great that they extended their warranty for 3 years, but it shouldn’t take them 3 years to live up to failures that happened within the first 6 months.

  69. Televiper says:

    @dbeahn: The difference is Microsoft is banking on making critical inroads into the market. They’re hoping that people who buy their products will suffer through a poorly designed product and invest in enough games that they’re not gonna jump ship.

    By all means, let’s recognize when a company’s PR efforts are just facade for buying themselves time.

  70. thepounder says:

    While he’s definitely an asshat, he is getting his full 15 minutes of fame with this mess.

    Wish I had something stupid to rant about for no real reason…

    @Doomstalk: “cockjockey” <– too funny. :)

  71. mikeluisortega says:

    So he saw some guy smash his Ibook on the net and figured he could do the same thing with similar results.Wow.

  72. Sylar says:

    It would be hilarious if he was getting the four lights instead of three. Then he’d really look stupid. Now we’ll never know. Anyway, even as a hardcore gamer, I see no good reason for getting that worked up over something like this. There are people who can’t afford to feed their families and this guy acks like a (insert expletive of choice here) because he can’t play his videogames for a while. Babies cry when you take their toys. Little brats smash their toys when they don’t like them. This guy is supposed to be past this nonsense. I hope this guy doesn’t breed. It would be better for the human race.

    By the way, you pay initially for the repairs, then they send you a check after evaluating your case. I just got a check from them yesterday. Won’t he feel stupid when his check arrives in the mail? Maybe it will be just in time for him to get a 360 with the new falcon chips.

  73. Pipes says:

    The beauty of it all is that Microsoft doesn’t care about you. They sent out those X-Box 360s and it doesn’t matter that they’re spending tons of money repairing and shipping ones that bricked because they already made it all back from software and peripherals.

  74. Techguy1138 says:

    @ DBEAHN AND @WPack911

    The XBOX360 does not at this time have a 65nm CPU OR GPU. While some designs changes have been made by retrofitting heatsinks to the existing design, there are no newly designed boards for sale.

    You will need to wait for the fall and for all the existing 360s to be sold.

    The extended warranty only cover issues the relate to the red ring of death, typically gpu or cpu overheating issues. There have been reported issues of DVD drives crapping out and not being covered, I believe it happened to one of kotaku’s editors.

    The 360 has a lot of great games but also still has it share of hardware issues. If you wait for the newly designed systems with 65nm chips the problems should be fixed. As a bonus all of the current games will be cheaper.

  75. dbeahn says:

    @Techguy1138: It’s my understanding that the 65nm chips will be showing up first in the “premium” version that has the HDMI port. These are due out this fall. Existing stocks will have to be sold first, but then existing stocks don’t have an HDMI port. Note that this advice from me excludes the “Elite” version, as it doesn’t have the 65nm chips but does have the HDMI port.

    I can’t PROVE it, but I suspect that the “Halo 3 special edition” is also the 65nm chipset.

  76. Techguy1138 says:

    @dbeahn: I really doubt that the new Halo version has the new chipset. We can find out when someone fronts the cash to destroy one.

    It’s really to bad about the quality of the system. They have so many great games but even now it doesn’t seem like a great idea to buy a new one. A used system seems like an even worse idea.

  77. 2ktj says:

    Microsoft should have just sent him a WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAmmmmmmmmbulance…

    What a whinny bitch. On a happier note, props to his parents, their basement looks real nice…

  78. Tzepish says:

    @dbeahn: “You may notice the reason that there isn’t much outcry about the problems with the PS3 is that no one is buying them, and the ones that have sold don’t see any use?”

    That’s not an opinion. And I find it highly dubious, since there are enough PS3’s out there that we would have heard of these problems by now, and the PS3 has passed all sorts of crazy stress tests, and my own PS3 has been running for months (since Folding@Home came out) literally 24/7 without any problems.

  79. lestat730 says:

    Maybe I’ve just been lucky but my 360 has been fine ever since I bought it. The handful of friends I have who also own the console have never had a problem either. No doubt there is a problem here, but I think that sometimes it gets blown out of proportion. After all, disgruntled consumers speak louder than satisfied ones. Something else to consider, would it be past Sony to create clever articles and videos such as these to bash their competitors from the perspective of a ordinary unbiased consumer?

  80. iamtravis says:


  81. dbeahn says:

    @Tzepish: Interesting. Turns out you’re the fanboy. Don’t worry, maybe one day they’ll make another game worth playing for the PS3 other than folding@home.

    As for your argument that “there are enough out there we’d know by now”, we’ll see. The HDMI issue that Sony denied every happened, then fixed, then denied fixing since it wasn’t ever an issue is solved, the verdict is still out on the HDD problems we’ve seen as well as the possible issue with the bluray diode. Time will tell.

    Of course, the REAL problem is that they can’t sell the things. [www.businessweek.com] 4.5 million units globally in 10 months. Over a billion dollars in inventory sitting in warehouses. Unable to meet their own production goals – although that problem is helped by the fact that they can’t even sell the ones they have made.

  82. Sylar says:

    @lestat730: I wouldn’t be surprised. They did, after all, edit the Halo 3 wiki to say that Halo 3 would look no better than Halo 2. No matter how reliable the PS3 hardware is, I’m not going to support Sony until they stop this crap. XBOX 360 needs some issues fixed, but I’m happy with how they handle the competition. As soon as I have the extra money, I’m getting a Wii to compliment my 360. Sony, however will not get my money until 2009.

    It’s funny that everybody gets so mad at Microsoft about the 360’s defects. I actually went through four used PS2’s and my new one stopped playing cds and dvds. All this happened within the space of a week. The fact is, the 360 is a victim of the internet. A lot of my friends who had PS2’s didn’t have the internet or had very little knowledge of it back then. The only one’s who knew a lot about it were just using it for porn and illegal downloads. I have a friend who went through nine PS2’s. One of my friends went through four. Another went through three. One lucky one still has the first one he bought, and he’s surprisingly the sloppiest out of all of them. Everything he has is a mess. There’s even melted candle wax all over the top of his PS2. Now everyone has the internet and everything that goes wrong has an easy outlet. There’s also not much to help us discern the truth from the lies. Who knows what’s true and what’s not anymore?

  83. ryan_h says:

    yeah, this screams sony PR move. that guy is made to look like a typical “game dude”, however his speech pattern implies otherwise. dude is way too rigid in his speaking for someone who is passionate enough to destroy something that expensive and then video it. lets not mention the costume changes. viral BS!

  84. b612markt says:

    At what point can the xbox people form a class action lawsuit?

  85. Protector says:

    Wait…someone on the Internet telling Bill Gates he sucks? How original.

  86. delphi_ote says:



  87. dbeahn says:

    @b612markt: At any point they want. Then the court will have to decide if providing a 3 year warranty is a reasonable remedy.

    Given that every OTHER game console for the past 8 years has come with a 90 day warranty…

  88. Sidecutter says:

    @dbeahn: All the other console systems have a 90 day warranty, andhave for the past 8 years? Don’t think so. Wii has a 1-year warranty by default, and you get another 90 days for registering the system on top of that. A year is, in fact, the standard warranty on ALL Nintendo systems, and has been for a long time.

    Also, the HDMI is already showing up on XBox 360s, and all versions will have HDMI before the 65nm chips hit.

  89. Sylar says:


    This is just one of many sites higlighting issues with the PS2. At least Microsoft is admitting there’s something wrong. Sony hasn’t really fessed up yet. It looks like Sony and Microsoft have switched places this generation from a reliability standpoint. The difference is how they handle the problems.

  90. coraspartan says:

    The high failure rate on the 360 is the exact reason that I bought mine at Costco. I could’ve bought one on eBay or Amazon for cheaper, but I was concerned about the “3 rings of death”. I even double-checked the Costco return policy before I bought it–their new 90-day return policy on electronics doesn’t apply to video game systems, so it essentially came with a lifetime warranty.

    I realize that all the 360s come with a 3-year warranty now, but I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit of having to send it back to Microsoft if it died. And I wasn’t about to shell out $400 for a system that Microsoft would repair only if a specific failure occurred.

    Costco all the way baby!

  91. Joafu says:

    Maybe all these broken systems are trying to tell us to go outside to play. I get a rush when I break my playthings outside, like trees and birds. I only get mad when my 360 breaks, but I haven’t yet run over empty boxes with expensive trucks to prove my anger.

  92. Tzepish says:

    @DBEAHN: Right, I mention facts while you mention wild speculation, and that makes me the fan-boy? Look, 4.5 million PS3 units out there is enough to know whether there really is a hardware issue or not. Since there hasn’t been any reports of them, and there have been several stress tests, I’m gonna’ go ahead and believe the most believable thing: That the PS3 is quite sturdy and the XBOX 360 has a hardware problem.

    This is completely irrelevant to the fact that the XBOX 360 has a killer line up of games, and the PS3 (as you said yourself) has not much more than Folding@Home, which is why I play my XBOX and leave my PS3 Folding all day. But of course, to you, I’m a Sony fanboy because I’ll point out that a sturdy (and nearly useless) system is sturdy. Good call, champ.

  93. Sylar says:

    @coraspartan: I keep hearing that the extended warranty is only for RROD, but I didn’t get the RROD when I had to send mine in. It was the DVD drive. I got my $140 back a couple days ago.I think Microsoft hasn’t really communicated as clearly as they can on this matter. People get worked up because tech support says they can’t fix it for free. They don’t understand that they msy pay for it initially then receive their refund after their case has been examined by Microsoft. I think that if more people understood the whole process, they’d get a lot less worked up. Still, getting yours at Costco is a wise move. I would have done the same, but I don’t live close enough to one. Thanks, and keep up the smart shopping.

  94. faust1200 says:

    1st video I have to call bullshit. He clearly states “I have two friends…”

    2nd Video was a bit more entertaining. I’m looking forward to his plea to the camcorder company about his chronically broken white balance.