American Airlines Fined Again For Unsafe Work Conditions At O'Hare

American Airlines was fined $231,000 back in June for unsafe work conditions at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The conditions included fall hazards, electrical and fire hazards, hygiene issues, blocked exits and storage of oxygen and acetylene cylinders.

Now American Airlines has been fined a second time by OSHA—and this time it’ll cost them $227,500. From the Daily Herald:

Citations have included a lack of warning signs or labels on previously identified asbestos-containing materials, which could exposure employees to that hazardous substance; hearing conservation; confined space entry; respirator issues and failing to inform employees of the presence of hazardous chemicals and labeling many of those chemicals; and failing to maintain Hepatitis B declination forms.

Since 2004, OSHA has inspected American Airlines 66 times at locations nationwide, with 37 inspections resulting in citations. Its O’Hare hub has been inspected 10 times since 2000, with five inspections resulting in citations, OSHA documents said.

Two words we really don’t like typing in the same sentence: “airline” and “unsafe.”

American Airlines cited again by OSHA [Daily Herald]
(Photo:Ian Muttoo)

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