More Mattel Lead Painted Toy Recalls Tomorrow

Toy-giant Mattel will recall yet more toys covered in deadly lead-tainted paint, the AP reports.

Anonymous sources indicated a Fisher-Price toy and its accessories and a Barbie playset would be the recalled items, and the recall would number into the hundreds of thousands.

We’re not surprised. As we predicted on August 18th in a post commenting on a video Mattel’s CEO made after their last recall, that as companies audit their suppliers more intensely, they’re going to find more defects.

Mattel to Announce 3rd China Toy Recall [AP] (Thanks to super5at)
(Photo: AP)


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  1. timmus says:

    There’s something deadly in your house. We’ll tell you about it Wednesday.


  2. Namilia says:

    Maybe someone wanted time to sell off their Mattel stock before the news release.

    Still, its fked up that they would not release it as soon as possible. Especially if its a toddler toy which kids could be chewing on.

  3. 3drage says:

    Now I have to wonder what kind of crap they put in my toys when I was growing up.

  4. homerjay says:

    @timmus: And in other news the water in one local town appears to be tainted with cyanide. We’ll tell you which one- only on 7News at 11.

  5. hoo_foot says:

    As if I needed anymore reason to buy Legos instead of Mattel products this Christmas.