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Image courtesy of ""Fucking customers, I'm tired of everyone not listening when they don't even know what they're talking about."

  • Blockbuster Manager Curses At Customer Who Refused To Sign Up For Rewards Program
    “”Fucking customers, I’m tired of everyone not listening when they don’t even know what they’re talking about.”
  • AT&T Stops Pretending To Be The Network With The “Fewest Dropped Calls”
    “AT&T will instead boast that they have: “more bars in more places.””
  • UPDATE: Hey Geek Squad, I Haven’t Seen My Laptop In A Month
    Geek Squad has begun to spurn the expedited email address line it set up for our readers. Ha ha, I will get you back by ignoring my own customers, vengeance is mine.
  • Home Depot Fires Another Employee For Stopping A Thief
    “This isn’t the first time Home Depot has fired workers for trying to stop a crime. If you work there, you really should just let people steal. Stopping them will cost you your job.”
  • Comcast Tries To Sterilize, Decapitate BitTorrent
    “Comcast is reportedly stabbing at the heart of the file transfer protocol BitTorrent by preventing users from seeding torrent files.”
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