Happy Labor Day

In celebration of labor, we’re doing less of it. Half-day of posting today, no posts this weekend or Monday.

You can thank the Knights of Labor for having the first Labor Day parade in 1882, which was not held on Monday, but the day we shall see you next, Tuesday.

“In the beginning, God ordained that man should labor, not as a curse, but as a blessing; not as a punishment, but as means of development, physically, mentally, morally, and has set thereunto his seal of approval in the rich increase and reward. By labor is brought forward the kindly fruits of the earth in rich abundance for our sustenance and comfort; by labor (not exhaustive) is promoted health of the body and strength of mind, labor garners the priceless stores of wisdom and knowledge. It is the “Philosopher’s Stone,” everything it touches turns to wealth.”

– “In the Beginning . . .”: A Knight’s Sacred Oath. Source: Illustrated “Adelphon Kruptos”: The Secret Work of the Knights of Labor [via History Matters]
(Photo: srmason-sj.org)

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