Are Airline Lounge Day Passes Worth It?

The Wall Street Journal bought day passes for several US airline lounges and reviewed each one to see if the lounges were really worth the hefty price of admission. Here is a summary of the results:

Continental: Small, dirty, understaffed, “free” wi-fi, snacks, booze. $45 per person.

American Airlines: Spacious, filthy, gross bathrooms, ripped furniture, private shower (LAX), WiFi isn’t free, pay to eat, no free drinks, rude service. $50 for one person, $75 for two.

Delta: Complimentary snacks, free drinks, big screen tvs, fax machine, copier, computers, friendly but disorganized service. $25 per person.

United: Inconsistent quality, (SF was like a lush hotel lobby, Atlanta a “motel cafeteria”), pay wifi, pay for drinks, a few free snacks, conference rooms. $50 per person.

Maybe its just us, but none of these really seem worth the price of admission, except perhaps for Delta’s lounge. Then again, we’re not big drinkers.

Are Airline Lounges Worth The Price of Admission? [WSJ]

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