Oregon Scientific Weather Radios (failure to receive national weather service alerts), Toddler and Youth Nylon Bucket Hats sold at Bass Pro Shops (strangulation), Bella Cucina Death by Chocolate cookies (undisclosed walnuts).


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  1. acambras says:

    Death by Chocolate? No — Death by Walnuts.

  2. Death says:

    Undisclosed walnuts? Isn’t calling the product “Death by” pretty much full disclosure?

  3. @Mike from Boston: You have to give the cause of death.

    Man, the product name is SO unfortunate in this case.

  4. ret3 says:

    This is cool if you’re not allergic to nuts because, hey, free nuts

  5. Undisclosed Walnuts. Now that’s a good name for a rock band. Dave Barry would be proud.

  6. RandomHookup says:


    Damn, I was hoping to make that my alternate Consumerist user name for the next time I get banned.