AT&T Sending Door-To-Door Salesmen To Pester Hapless Illinoisans

Boy, if there’s one thing that really makes us happy its being pestered by door-to-door salesmen. We just love it! Often, we are sitting around with nothing to do and no one to talk to and then surprise! Oh, happy day! An AT&T salesman wants to talk us about their many fine products!

From the Chicago Tribune:

“AT&T Inc. this month launched an advertising counteroffensive against cable titan Comcast Corp., which has been stealing its phone customers. It is sending salespeople door to door to drum up business.

“We need to reach out to customers in many different ways,” said Steven Mitchell, vice president and general manager for AT&T Illinois. “People are more comfortable talking in their own homes. They will tell you their needs more readily than if you approach them at the mall, where they’re busy doing something else. So we’re sending our agents to meet them” at home.

As the phone giant loses customers to cable competitors, it has had to adjust its outlook, Mitchell said, but door-to-door marketing isn’t easy.

“We start in the afternoon, talking to people who are home and noting where no one’s home,” Mitchell said. “Then we circle back later to hit the houses after people get home from work.”

Wow! That’s f***ing fantastic news, Mitchell.

Remember to ask for ID when anyone claiming to be a salesman knocks on your door. Better yet, just close the door.

AT&T goes door to door for sales [Chicago Tribune]

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