Don't Go To LasikPLUS Consultations Looking For A Free Prescription

On Friday, August 17th, we posted a Morning Deal for a free eye exam and Lasik laser corrective eye surgery consultation. Reader Andrew’s boyfriend tried the deal out and was disappointed.

Andrew writes, “My boyfriend needed a new prescription for his contacts so he signed up for the comprehensive eye exam and consultation at the Lasik Plus website. His appointment this Monday and he came back quite annoyed. The consultation and exam took an hour and a half (with a big chunk of it discussing the different financing options for the surgery) and was not told until the end that it would cost over $90 for the prescription for new contacts. Clearly this was not what was advertised so I just wanted to let you know about the discrepancy.”

Looking closer, the only mention we see of getting a free prescription was on the referring blog we got deal info from. It says nothing like that on the LasikPlus site. A review on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity confirms there’s no free prescription in the free consultation. The Consumerist regrets the error and has edited the old post to warn off future generations.

(Photo: jm3)