Contact Info For 100 Cable System Executives

Wow. Here’s contact info for 100 cable company executives.

Someone emailed us the direct line for the office of Barry Rosenblum, executive Vice President of Time Warner Cable for NY and NJ, and when we Googled it, we found this treasure of trove of names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

So, if you’ve got a complaint or concern with Comcast, Cablevision, Adelphia, Cox, Charter, Insight, or Toledo Buckeye CableSystem, the information in this list can help it reach the top of the heap.

Top 100 Cable Systems – Systems Directory [Multichannel]


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  1. headhot says:

    This list is not terribly up to date. Most of the Comcast contacts are wrong, as they have restructured several times since the AT&T acquisition.

  2. allstarecho says:

    That’s an old list because it still lists:
    90 Time Warner Jackson/Monroe
    5375 Executive Pl.
    Jackson, MS 39206
    Ownership: Time Warner
    Top executive: William Farmer, president

    Comcast now owns Jackson/Monroe. That phone number is still a good, direct-to-local office number though because I called it today after seeing it in the motherload comcast lists post.

  3. loueloui says:

    His face says ,’Oh no!’ but that suit says ,“Dyn-O-Mite!’

  4. vladthepaler says:

    The most interesting part of that page is the regional prices. In just 4 years, the price of cable has gone up more than 50%.

  5. DanGarion says:

    Wow that list is really old. It shows the GM for Time Warner Los Angeles that hasn’t been around for probably 4-5 years.

  6. DanGarion says:

    @vladthepaler: Disagree with you there. Looking at Time Warner LA the price was 45 bucks then, and now it’s 52 bucks. That’s 7 dollars more in 4 years, so 15.5%. If this list is 4 years old that would make the price go up less then 4% a year. Which is pretty much in line with inflation.

  7. AcilletaM says:

    The name is correct but the email info provided and its variations are not. I tried it yesterday.

    5 Comcast Greater Chicago
    Top executive: Joe Stackhouse, regional senior VP; b. Denver, 1961; B.S., psychology, Colorado State University, 1984; immediate past position: senior VP, AT&T Broadband Denver; voice: 847-585-6310; fax: 847-585-6336; e-mail: