AT&T Stops Pretending To Be The Network With The "Fewest Dropped Calls"

AT&T is no longer claiming to be the network with the “fewest dropped calls,” according to a company insider. The assertion was widely panned as a lie:

The ad campaign, which launched last March, was based on a Telephia report that actually noted AT&T Wireless (then Cingular) did not have the most reliable network in New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. A recent JD Power report gives that honor to T-Mobile in most markets. Similarly, a report from Consumer Reports placed Cingular/AT&T at the bottom of their rankings for reliability and satisfaction.

AT&T will instead boast that they have: “more bars in more places.”

AT&T Yanks ‘Fewest Dropped Calls’ Campaign [DSL Reports]
(AP Photo/Kathy Wilens)

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