Top Posts Of The Week

  • Is Warner Bros. Filming Audiences In An Attempt To Stop Piracy?
    “Sporting a black suit and a black briefcase, he began to film the audience during the movie. Every 5-10 minutes he would sweep the audience with his video camera, then turn it off and just watch us, then turn the camera back on and sweep again.”
  • How To Kick A Scammy Car Dealer In The Nuts
    “I’ll bet that, in just a handful of Saturdays, I can convince a couple of dozen people to shop elsewhere. It could end up that, by not paying me what’s due to me, you lose ten times that much in future business. It won’t put any cash in my pocket, but I’ll feel a lot better about things. What do you think?”
  • Point And Click Appliance Repair Refunds Part Of Your Shipping Fee Because You Live Nearby
    “Due to the close proximity of our shipping warehouse, we have adjusted the freight charge on your order to reflect the ground shipping charge of $7.25. The part(s) will arrive in the same required days by the less expensive shipping method.”
  • AT&T Swears $10 DSL Is Available, But Only If You Don’t Follow Their Directions
    “Look, AT&T, if you are pretending to hear us, then do the following: Add a $10 DSL option on your homepage. Revolutionary, ain’t it? We know web developers charge outrageous hourly rates, so we have taken the liberty to create a mockup for you:”
  • And This Is Your $4190.76 iPhone Bill
    “When Pierre visited Ibiza, Spain and other parts of Europe for two weeks, his iPhone went with him, and he returned with memories of a hedonistic summer vacation, and a $4190.76 bill from AT&T”