Stephen Colbert Interviews Michael Jacobson, Executive Director Of The CSPI

Stephen Colbert recently interviewed Michael Jacobson, the executive director of the Center For Science in the Public Interest.

The substance of the interview is that trans-fat is bad for you and should be replaced with oils that are less likely to make you die, but by far the best part is when Colbert says, “If you have popcorn you might as well just slap your children.”

Also, we do sort of want to try the “Wendy’s Triple Bypass Burger.” Does that come with bacon? Or do they charge extra?

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  1. Fl3shy says:

    Hilarious! We should all be less fat.

  2. phobs says:

    This is how our tax dollars are spent? Telling us bad foods are bad?

  3. uricmu says:

    CSPI is a great organization, for example, they have a great list of food additives:

    They are not funded by tax dollars. They are a nonprofit.

  4. courtarro says:

    Michael did a great job handling Steven’s craziness; too many guests get completely flustered by his wacky perspectives – what a great discussion.

  5. @phobs: No, no, your tax dollars are spent telling you bad foods are bad while simultaneously providing support payments to farmers to grow them and ridiculous tax breaks and tariff protections to large companies to make them.

    “Make sure you don’t eat that, even though we’re spending $5 billion of taxpayer money a year in price supports to ensure that’s the only kind of food this country makes!”

    CPSI, thank God, is not taxpayer funded, so not Congressionally slapped around, so not beholden to the likes of Monsanto.

  6. not_seth_brundle says:

    @phobs: Not only is CSPI not taxpayer-funded, but they are partially to credit for educating the public about nutrition. So if you think what this guy is saying about trans fats being unhealthy is painfully obvious, it’s only because his organization has done a good job of getting the word out that trans fats are unhealthy.

  7. MrEvil says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: Hey, leave the farmers out of this. Nothing that farmers grow is inherently bad for you.

    I’m more with the guy that founded the center for consumer freedom. Michael Jacobsen is more about the nanny-state. He has that “Do what I say because I know what’s best for you!” attitude.