Basic Editions-brand Girls’ Clothing Sets (entrapment), Priddy “Trucks” Shaker Teether Books (choking), Sleepi Crib Foam Mattresses (entrapment), AC Adapters sold with Network Hard Disk Drives (burn), J.C. Penney Windsor Spindle-Back Side Chairs (fall), Los Angeles Salad Company Genuine Sweet Baby Carrots (bacterial infection)


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  1. TangDrinker says:

    Thank you, Consumerist, for continuing to post these recalls. I have a bunch of Priddy books – I’ll have to check if we own the trucks book. I’m on a bunch of recall lists (and I’m a librarian), and I can’t even keep up with all the recalls. So, thanks so much!

  2. revmatty says:

    Wait, I don’t understand. Most of these were not made in China. How can there be a recall on them? Only China makes dangerous products for our pure and honest corporations to import and sell, I can’t believe that products from Japan, or Italy, or Egypt, or California can be dangerous!