Get Ready For YouTube Ads

Hey there fans of watching people fall while stomping on grapes, YouTube has announced a new ad system for its videos. From the NYT:

Now Google believes it finally has found the formula to cash in on YouTube’s potential as a magnet for online video advertising and keep its audience loyal at the same time.

The company said late Tuesday that after months of testing various video advertising models, it was ready to introduce a new type of video ad, which it said was unobtrusive and kept users in control of what they saw.

The ads, which appear 15 seconds after a user begins watching a video clip, take the form of an overlay on the bottom fifth of the screen, not unlike the tickers that display headlines during television news programs.

A user can ignore the overlay, which will disappear after about 10 seconds, or close it. But if the user clicks on it, the video they were watching will stop and a video ad will begin playing. Once the ad is over, or if a user clicks on a box to close it, the original video will resume playing from the point where it was stopped.

We’re trying to picture ourselves ever clicking the ads and are unable to. To each his own.

Google Aims to Make YouTube Profitable With Ads [NYT]


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  1. Buran says:

    I read this last night. If you read it carefully, though, ads will only be in corporate-provided videos.

    You won’t get an ad on the crappy cell phone video filmed from the 22nd row of that Elton John concert.

    (props to anyone who figures out the joke in that sentence).

    Incidentally, Youtube needs a “don’t show crappy cell phone cam videos in search results” checkbox … no matter what I search for I get a ton of those that I then have to weed out as I try to find whatever I am looking for.

  2. ekthesy says:


    You’re more than just Consumerist’s Marilyn Monroe.

    Forty whacks with a wet noodle to whoever came up with this idea over at Google. Terrible, although at least it’s confined to corporate shilling.

  3. rbb says: has been putting ads in their videos for a few weeks now. They are the internet equivalent of having a tall guy blocking your view of the screen in a theater…

  4. WAAAAA…
    If you read it carefully, though, ads will only be in corporate-provided videos.

    At least it will be something you can close. I hate it when banner ads cover up the subtitles on TV.

  5. AbstractConcept says:

    Well, a company needs to make money and advertising is the way to do it. At least they didn’t make it as invasive as those ads that play the video automatically. Sounds like a smart idea

  6. ElPresidente408 says:

    Yea I can’t imagine a sponsor wanting their product being advertised during most of the user content that’s uploaded to you tube.

  7. Buran says:

    @ekthesy: *props*!

  8. Buran says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Yeah, no kidding, as a hearing-impaired person I can’t stand it when programs put relevant info to whatever is at hand on the bottom of the screen that then gets covered up by the closed captions.

    Video editors: Put the name and title of the interviewee at the top — PLEASE! Or at least move the captions a bit, just for a moment.

  9. Doc Benway says:

    Great way for another enterprising startup to steal market share from youtube. I could understand before the video and then after the video but overlays during the video. That is just fucking annoying. If I want random shit scrolling across the screen I would watch MSNBC of Fox.

  10. gibsonic says:

    i make it a point to intentionally no buy anything that is advertised in such a manner. Pop-up video ads that auto-start, advertising across the bottom of the TV, etc.

  11. Fist-o™ says:

    OK that woman’s cries after she hit the ground were disturbing.

  12. wring says:

    If this means bringing back the complete episodes of IT Crowd on Youtube, bring the ads on!

  13. putch says:

    We’re trying to picture ourselves ever clicking the ads and are unable to. To each his own.

    yeah, well no one clicks on the stupid ads on this site either…

  14. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    Glad to see that YouTube took a page out of TBS’s handbook. and boy, do I ever appreciate that!

  15. @wring: IT crowd? Come on man, best thing about that show was the theme song. I can’t believe that the internets can be so starved for geek humor. It was your standard sitcom with a office sitcom with a few dilbert jokes thrown in.

  16. @putch: I have clicked on a few of the Gawker Artist ads. I’ve clicked on one for the guy who does the red/white/black portraits and one for the deer screensaver thing. A couple of others too. Those probably don’t count though.

  17. @ElPresidente408: No kidding. Can’t be a ton of eligible ads for most user-created videos. What are they going to do? Put up ads for Diet Coke and Mentos? “Ace Athletic Supporters” on clips of some guy getting hit in the pills? Or Prozac for lonelygirl15?

  18. @Lin-Z: Pretty soon all video clips will start at :05 and :35. lol.

  19. mavrc says:

    If they’d put the ads somewhere else besides over the top of the video, this would potentially be forgivable.

    Well, that and I’m just stunned that web ads still make money.

  20. s35flyer says:

    confined to corporate ads. right, for how long…..folks once the door opens you cant go home again.

  21. faust1200 says:

    One day when you look up at the moon you will only see a bright white disc that says GOOGLE.

  22. Schminteresting says:

    <rant>Sweetmothermaryandbabyjesusinthemanger. *shaking head* Can we not have just one entertainment portal devoid of these godforsaken ads that intentionally appear over page content? Who are the clowns clicking on these ads? Someone must be or else they wouldn’t be appearing everywhere. Probably the same people who’ve given T-Pain three of the top twelve Hot 100 Billboard singles. If I hear that damn Buy U A Drank one more time I will flip out. What has happened to the world? Goodness, I’m so off-topic, sorry!</rant>

  23. @Buran: Can’t you move the CCing up to the top of the screen? My TV (it’s old) gives me four options on where I want the CC to appear.

  24. cmize says:

    As long as they aren’t putting ads that you’re forced to watch before watching the video you want I guess it’s not too bad. The whole thing makes me sad, though, because it seems like everything that is great on the internet just gets inundated with advertising. I’m so sick of being marketed to all the time.

  25. mruser says:

    @S35FLYER: I suspect most companies would want control over which videos their ads appear on. Certainly any reputable company doesn’t want their logo/ad appearing on a video of some redneck badmouthing [insert non-white race or non-straight sexual orientation here].


    *goes back to panicing*

  27. im not reading the posts before me (shuns in silence), but I did stumble upon this during my evening roundups:


    forgive me if its already posted