Consumers promote boycott of Conoco and BP stations along I-80 that post low prices on their signs but then charge 25-50 cents higher on most of the actual pumps. Under state law, the practice is legal. [Lincoln Journal Star]


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  1. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Reason #45,687 to not go to Nebraska.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    How on the gods’ green earth is this a legal practice? Do Nebraskans simply love getting anally assaulted by grizzlies wearing sandpaper condoms?

    Wow, some flyover states are stupid.

  3. B says:

    @trai_dep: The stations sell gasoline at the advertised price at some of pumps, and a higher price at others, and the signs contain small print declaring it. I’ve seen it done where the higher priced pumps are full service, but these seem to be all self serve.

  4. Raze50 says:

    Well, I’m glad to say this doesn’t represent all of Nebraska’s business owners. I think most people would commend Great Plains’ businesses as being honest. Then there are these gas station douches.

    Then again, I don’t feel so bad for the guy whose cross-country vehicle of choice is a ginormous 15-passanger van…get a station wagon and put the damn kids in the back. Pile ’em on top of each other if’n you have to.

    It’s what we did when we were kids and nearly all of us survived.

  5. Raze50 says:

    @trai_dep: Is that what that itch is from? Fuck me, I was wondering…

    Before the comments get too ugly, Nebraska is a great place to live and raise a family (as are all of the other so-called “flyover” states). If you’ve got a basement to hide from the occasional tornado, and you can be tolerant of people who are fanatically devoted to college football, you’d probably really enjoy Omaha and Lincoln.

    These jackasses in the Western part of the state, though, are admittedly abusing a legal loophole. Someone take away these dickwads’ foam Corncob hats. Kick their asses, ‘Lil Red.

  6. SisterHavana says:

    And I thought the thing some stations do here, where they have a low price on the sign but then say (in small print) AFTER REBATE when you use a certain credit card, was bad. At least all the pumps have gas for the same price. How common is this?

  7. D-Bo says:

    Different prices at different pump is ridiculous! They are definitely preying on people with the use of fine print and it’s the local community that ends up paying the price for it.

  8. Buran says:

    Time to change the law, then throw the book at them if they continue.

  9. Buran says:

    @trai_dep: How would you feel if we called states on the coast “bendover states”? Because you’re paying a lot more than we are for many of the same basic necessities of life like a place to live.

  10. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @Buran: Good It’s how I feel most of the time already…:(

  11. JayXJ says:

    There was a gas station just off of I-65 in central Alabama that did this. The price at the pump would be higher than the massive sign visible from the interstate. Got caught like that once and never gave them business again. The locals would avoid it, but they were there to prey on interstate travelers going between Montgomery and Birmingham.

  12. bedofnails says:

    Many California stations do the same – with the phrase “Cash Price” written in fine print.

  13. catnapped says:

    Amazing (or sad, depending on your perspective) how many of the comments over there have no problem with the practice.

  14. blitzcat says:

    North Carolina, what you see is what you pay, cash or credit.

  15. ord2fra says:

    Gas pricing policy a la AT&T $10 DSL… “yeah we have that… but we won’t tell you where it is”.

  16. courtarro says:

    Don’t most of the credit card companies prohibit charging extra for allowing customers to use credit cards? Regardless of legality, how is this “cash price” not a violation of the credit companies’ rules?

  17. catnapped says:

    @courtarro: You’re allowed to offer a discount for cash, but not a surcharge for credit.

  18. FREAKHEAD says:

    ahh yes, the bash Nebraska posts. I really enjoy living here. I have lived in Chicago and near Boston, both of which I loved but to raise my kids and to be in a safe community, I couldn’t pick a better place than Lincoln. Lots of A & E, sports, concerts, great schools, great local businesses, etc.

    I could think of 45,687 worse places to live. Nothing more fun that ridiculous rent, crazy commutes and getting mugged. Have fun with that!

    As for this crap with the gas, thankfully it isn’t happening near my area but I try and check the pump again before I hit go. Disgusting.

  19. Major-General says:

    @trai_dep: Actually, its to catch people who call them flyover states.

    @Buran: Amen brother!

  20. jeffjohnvol says:

    People ought to put a large yellow sticker every time they go by and put the price so they see that they are about to get screwed.

  21. Bye says:

    I’d rather be locked in a room of Mac v. PC zealots than have to read another post by an ignorant midwesterner or an ignorant urban coastal-dweller arguing about who is stupider, who is safer, who has more opportunities, who pays through the nose for them, who talks to their neighbors, who can remain a private person, who pays less for more house…

    The list goes on.

  22. jeffeb3 says:

    Nebraska is great! If you’ve never visited, please take this moment to step out of the conversation.

  23. Nytmare says:

    Nearly every station in the US (world?) tacks little 9s onto their prices and labels their higher octane “premium”; so really the entire industry is deceitful. Just that these particular guys are worse.

  24. jamar0303 says:

    Unfortunstely, I only know people from Nebraska. I currently live in China, so I have bigger problems on my hands than Midwest/Coast debates, like- not dying of some of the weird additives i’ve seen in food (hint- the smell should be warning enough, never eat stinky tofu off a street stand), getting a reliable car (I have a Buick Excelle; safer than Chery, but the gas mileage is crap- 9.5km/l, I mean, come on- I expect that out of a minivan, but what could arguably be called a compact/midsize car? I shudder to think of the gas mileage that comes from a Park Avenue or a LaCrosse), getting around (never go for the red taxis if you can help it)… all right, rant over.

    So for those of you who complain about living on the coast or the Midwest, remember- it could be worse.

  25. bedofnails says:


    What’s funny, is the first time I was a victim of this, I confronted the cashier with exactly that argument. It was an entirely useless gesture. So I have no idea how this is legal.

  26. humphrmi says:

    @catnapped: What’s the difference? Or were you just being facetious?