Offended Mother Says Fisher-Price Piano Says "F— Me, Rape Me."

There are lots of moms out there who have filthy, filthy minds. They buy toys that make noise for their children, then become convinced that there are secret offensive messages in the toys.

Here are two of them:

From KRQE:

The toy is designed for toddlers like Santa Fe’s Unique Gonzales, or at least that’s what her godmother thought.

“I bought it for my goddaughter for her birthday, her first birthday,” Lanette Rodriguez said.

But when Unique played the voice scale her own way, she found a unique message. The problem is how the digital voice singing the scale sounds with the combination Fa-Mi-Re-Mi.

“It’s very, very inappropriate,” Rodriguez said. “It’s very disturbing. It’s completely unbelievable, insane, upsetting.”

Unique’s mother says she got her first clue to the key combination from her 1 year old.

“She’s like fa, fa, fa,’ and I was wondering why is she saying that?” Alexis Chacon said. “It was the toy.

“Then she says, ra, ra, ra.’ She’s too small to learn those kinds of words. It’s supposed to be Do-Re-Mi, and it’s F-me-rape me.”

Is she serious? You know us, we’re not ones to mock people’s complaints, however silly they may be, but “f– me, rape me?” From a piano? KRQE played the offending combination of notes in a video clip on their site, sort of. The reporter warns viewers several times that something offensive is coming and that they should hit the mute button. Then the station plays a tone over “Fa” as if it were “Fu–“. As far as we could tell from the times they didn’t censor the note, Fa just sounded like “Fa.”

The offended mothers want the toy pulled from the market. Um. Fa that.

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