Bogus Johnson&Johnson Life ScanOneTouch diabetes test strips traced to Chinese distributors. [NYT]


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  1. Tipped off by the company, the Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer alert without disclosing the link to China. No injuries were reported, but inaccurate test readings may lead a person with diabetes to inject the wrong amount of insulin, causing harm or death.

    The investigation found that a distributor in China was the source of about a million fake test strips that have turned up in at least 35 states and eight countries. The trail, initiated by calls to a LifeScan hot line, led detectives to 700 pharmacies where the products were sold, then to eight American wholesalers, then to two importers. One importer was in the United States and was found in a Las Vegas hotel room.

    Going to Hell. The Special Hell.

    How is someone supposed to tell if their strips are bad?

  2. bohemian says:

    These were brand name test strips sold in pharmacies. How is a person supposed to have a clue that they were either made in China or counterfit?

    Someone could easily die over this one.

  3. catnapped says:

    @bohemian: It’s that Chinese philosophy again: “You’ve got 300 million people over there. So what if a few of them die–you’ve still got plenty more!”

  4. This article is hard to find due to the lack of accompanying image.