Babies "R" Us Ships Car Seat, Which Is Nice, Except You Ordered A Bassinet

Meet Matt. Matt ordered a bassinet from Babies “R” Us for the baby he expects to arrive in two weeks. Babies “R” Us, apparently more concerned about how Matt would transport Matt Jr. home, decided to send him a damaged car seat instead.

Matt writes:

My wife is due to deliver our first child in about two weeks. We decided to buy a bassinet to keep by our bed for the little guy, leaving his crib in his new room. We had store credit from Babies ‘R’ Us, so we ordered one from their website and applied the credit to make it more affordable (side note: all the bassinets in store are over $100, online is the only way to get one cheap from BRU). What we got is decidedly not a bassinet, as seen in the pictures attached. The packing slip-never removed from the box-claims this is a bassinet, instead of a badly damaged/shipped car seat.

BRU’s response: print out a return shipping label, drop off box that may not be accepted by UPS (BRU said we may need to get another box…) and wait 4-5 days for item to arrive back in their warehouse, then wait 7-10 business days for credit. All of this leaves us without a bassinet, with BRU holding our money, both from credit card and store credit until well after our son is to be born. Reversing the charged on our credit card leaves us without the substantial amount of store credit.

Their solution to having a bassinet soon enough: order again and wait for the credit(s), but not too soon, for they say the problem may not be fixed yet, so we’d maybe get another pink and plaid, beat up car seat instead of a bassinet for our new baby.



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