Video Released Of Drunken Delta Stewardess' Arrest

With all of summer’s airline congestion, delays and passenger rioting troubles, flight attendants are having difficulty coping with the stress. In Delta stewardess Sarah Mills case, they’re coming to work hammered.

A video was released yesterday of the 26-year-old’s arrest and imprisonment for boozing it up. About 16 seconds in she flips out when they try to remove her pinned-on wings.

When asked if she feels like harming herself, Mills replies, “Pretty much.” She also tells her jailers, “You guys are so dumb, all I did was get drunk.”

Later, she crawls on the floor of her jail cell and peers out the window like a forlorn kitty (This version has clearer audio).

She allegedly stank of whiskey and told the captain, “You’re dead,” as she was taken from the plane.

Mills pleaded not guilty to terroristic threatening and public alcohol intoxication.

She might get away with the last one, as she only blew a .03 on the breathalyser, less than the .08 legal driving limit, and the .04 FAA flying limit.

Drunk stewardess arrest and crawling on cell floor tape released [LiveLeak] (Thanks to clokeisgod!)
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