Personal Finance Roundup

“Abnormal” market swings: They’re actually pretty normal [Vanguard] “One day it’s a roaring rally; the next it’s a dizzying plunge. Can’t Wall Street make up its mind? And isn’t this volatility awfully unusual? Well, no, actually. It’s pretty much par for the course.”

How to Avoid Sneaky Mutual Fund Fees [Yahoo Finance] “Many people have no idea whether they pay a 12b-1 fee or not. That’s a costly lack of awareness: the Investment Company Institute (ICI) estimates that fund companies collected $11.8 billion on this fee alone in 2006.”

How to Erase Your Medical Debt [Wise Bread] “For those without insurance or with sub par insurance plans, a seemingly small injury can quickly turn in to an emotional and financial ordeal. Interestingly enough, one of the best-kept secrets in the healthcare industry is that there are financial and charitable aid programs available to alleviate the financial burden caused by medical expenses.”

Your 5-minute guide to saving for college [MSN Money] “College isn’t getting any cheaper, but these 21 tips can give you a jump on preparing to pay for it.”

A primer: Hedge funds, private equity, venture capital [USA Today] “Can you explain the difference between hedge funds and venture capital?”

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