It's A Myth That Airfares Goes Up On Weekends

Some say that airfare goes up on the weekends, but FareCompare’s Rick Seany, says this is a flight of fancy:

“The airline’s “fares & pricing” group actually goes home on Fridays and usually comes back on Monday morning…I have been looking at the raw airfare data feeds for almost 4 years… and I can count on one hand the number of times anything of major consequence has happened on the weekend.”

The raw data feed transmits three times daily during week days, and only once on Saturday and Sunday, Rick says. He also goes on to describe when system-wide airfare drops do occur: Thursday nights, at 8pm.

Travel Myths – Prices Go Up on Weekends [Rick Seany]
(Photo: Kevin Saff)


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  1. B says:

    I know it’s typically more expensive to fly during the week because most people who fly then are business customers who care more about arrival and departure times then price.

  2. mopar_man says:

    Anytime I’ve EVER looked for airfare departing on a Friday or Saturday and returning on Sunday, it’s always been more expensive then the same trip booked to leave on a Thursday and return on a Monday. I guess that’s just my bad luck and the airlines not actually jacking the prices for the weekend.

  3. mendel says:

    What on earth do the workdays of ticket pricing people have to do with the difference between weekday and weekend ticket pricing? It’s as though they’re rebutting the idea that ticket prices are higher if you *buy* on a weekend, weeks or months in advance, but that’s not the problem — it’s that the ticket prices are higher if you *fly* on a weekend, regardless of when you buy.

  4. bilge says:

    Sweet. Just purchased my ticket for Christmas–$50 cheaper than when I checked prices yesterday.

  5. Erskine says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read:

    “It’s A Myth That Airfares >Go< Up On Weekends”

  6. The question I always ask in this situation: 8pm EST? PST? 8pm based on the time zone where the corporate headquarters is located?

  7. cindel says:

    Prices varies during the weekdays and weekends throughout the day.

    I booked a flight on AA to LAX and I’ve been checking all week, it wasn’t until thursday at 7am when I caught a cheap fare and on the same day two hours later, the fare went up 200 bucks then later on during the evening, it went back down again the same price I brought it for.