How UPS Delivers When You're Not Watching

Looks like somebody set up some security webcams on their house and managed to catch a UPS truck driver deliver a package… by chucking it against the door from several feet away. Sorry miss about your imported German porcelain dolls, but your walkway and lawn are really too unkempt to bother walking to your door. Man’s gotta schedule to keep, you see.

(Thanks to gbcue!)


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  1. Oh, man. That’s amazing. Oops!

  2. voteccow says:

    Guess those people who buy insurance on their package must be glad, but seriously that’s so wrong.

  3. nctrnlboy says:

    LOL! You’d think there was a pit full of vipers in front of that door by the way the delivery guy decided not to walk the 5 feet or so to put the package at the door. Who knows… there could have been a gated fence (but I doubt it). I just hate the how delivery drivers will leave a package at a door out in the open where anyone could steal it. I’ve had USPO guys sign a recieving slip themselves in the recipiants name & leave the package at the door to keep from having to redeliver it later.

  4. cheviot says:

    Sigh. According to UPS guidelines packages must be packed to take far more abuse than this or they’re not even allowed to be shipped by UPS. If the package was damaged, it was because it was not packed per UPS guidelines.

  5. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    Ace Ventura would be proud.

  6. TimSPC says:

    I liked the way he looked right before he threw the package. It was like a guy playing darts at a bar, looking down for the stripe to see if his feet are behind the line.

  7. juri squared says:

    @cheviot: Does that excuse the driver for throwing the package at the door?

    I’m already miffed at UPS for blocking my driveway in order to deliver a whole bunch of packages to my next-door neighbor. Thanks, guy!

  8. JRuiz47 says:

    @cheviot: So what amount of UPS delivery driver abuse can a properly packed package take?

  9. SpaceCowgirl01 says:

    You can pack it to withstand less, but you can’t insure it unless it’s super-packed to their standard.

    Also, even though it is lame that it’s sitting out in the open, it’s reassuring to see my packages sitting at least behind the screen door so I know they weren’t thrown there.

  10. Framling says:

    So are there regulations concerning how strong doors have to be for UPS to deliver to them?

  11. 12monkeys says:

    Hey Ive seen this movie before Ace Ventura right ha ha

  12. bedofnails says:

    That house looks like the standard “To Catch a Predetor” fare, pretty sweet vans parked on the lawn.

    Looking at the vid, it blatantly appears the path to the porch is blocked somehow. Otherwise, why would they be setting up vans to “Catch a UPS driver”.

    Ton Loc said something ain’t stirrin’ in the Kool Aid.

  13. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    You think this is bad? You should see how they handle the packages at the distribution hubs. Packages are thrown, dropped, stepped on, kicked around, and so on.

  14. not_seth_brundle says:

    This video is hilarious. I agree with cheviot, though, most packages that are at all well-packed should be able to withstand a throw like this. I’d wager most packages receive treatment like this at UPS facilities. And ever see a baggage handler throwing checked luggage around? Yet relatively few people have problems, considering.

  15. bedofnails says:

    edit – “setting up cameras”

    Too caught up in the white trashyness.

  16. maevro says:

    Haha, this made me laugh.

    You need to get to know your UPS drivers since. My mom ships a ton of stuff with them and know the guy, even tips him at the holidays. This guy bends over backwards for her, even put a package in a plastic bag when it was raining one day. I saw him run over the lawn of someone up the street, guess they didn’t tip him….

  17. cheviot says:


    I believe the box must be able to withstand a fall from six feet, an impact of 50 pounds or being stacked under a stack of other boxes up to 4 feet tall, although I could be mistaken. That’s why you see packages with expanding foam, it meets UPS requirements with no argument.

  18. nctrnlboy says:


    Yeah, but you would think that is for accidental “handling” of a package (package accidentally falling off a shelf or accidentally dropped). Not intentional throwing a package against a door to keep from walking 5 feet.

  19. cheviot says:


    Oh, I agree. Don’t get me wrong, they shouldn’t be handling the packages this way, but UPS set the guidelines such that they wouldn’t need to worry about how their employees handle the packages.

  20. SBR249 says:

    @nctrnlboy: nevertheless, if you don’t pack your stuff well, expect the worst.

  21. dohtem says:

    wow! This is way worse than their common practice of ringing the door bell and walking right back to their van without even waiting to see if anyone is home.

  22. ptkdude says:

    There’s a reason their nickname is “United Package Smashers”. There is even a website devoted to them :-)

  23. Bluebell says:

    It’s so true. I’m usually home when UPS delivers and there’s always a thud to note the arrival of my packages.

    I used to work for a company that handled legal documents and I got a call one morning from the Nevada Secretary of State office. UPS had just delivered an Express Envelope from us with a hole burnt clear through it near the top and a giant skid mark down the rest. I had to see this for myself and the woman was nice (or appalled) enough to send me the envelope. It looked like it had probably gotten stuck on a belt… or peeled out on by one of their trucks. Whichever version is more amusing to you. It was beautiful. I framed it.

  24. kcapuhcs says:

    To be fair, it was probably one of those 8 ounce packages that was 7/8 peanuts with a computer cable or whatever inside. I doubt a delivery guy would throw a 8 pound computer box like that.

  25. bossco says:

    I don’t condone what he is doing. Maybe he’s been here many times before. Maybe there’s been a dog or something around that makes him not want to walk the last 8 ft? I don’t know about these people but they have a couple security cams on all the time. Drug dealers? Kind of goofy all around.

  26. Jean Naimard says:

    One has to understand that drivers are paid by the package they deliver, so it’s in their best fiscal interest that they’d be as productive as possible.

    You guys just can’t understand what the MBAs have decided how the delivery men ought to be paid.

  27. mikeluisortega says:

    When I use to work at ups I seen a lot worse when things were put in the trailers. Makes me wonder how anyone got a working CRT monitor via UPS. I also sent a Wii to a friend in Texas, packed it super good with tons of foam, and the box still looked like it took a tour in Iraq by the time it got to my friends house, I got a WTF man email when he got it.

  28. oldtaku says:

    I would say this is much better than their usual practice of just driving by and marking it down as ‘tried to deliver was not home’.

  29. hills says:

    Gotta defend UPS a little bit – looks like the guy walked through spider webs or something through the bushes. I’d toss the box too!

    My UPS guy rocks, and I don’t tip him (maybe I should!)

  30. says:

    I don’t doubt there are some lazy, incompetent, rude, etc. drivers around… but, my personal experience with my local UPS drivers has always been good. Our Indiana guy was always cheery, polite, and waited a reasonable interval after ringing the doorbell (~20 seconds). Only gotten a few packages in South Carolina so far, but it’s another polite guy. Long long ago when I lived in Ohio, the guy wasn’t particularly nice or anything (didn’t really say anything when you’d answer the door, etc) but he never tossed packages like that.

    Just wanted to balance things with a more positive spin — my $0.02 ;-)

  31. ivieso says:

    If you make friends with your UPS, he wont do that. My UPS person is some overweight older guy. Always hides my package behind my pillar and chats with me when I am home. Very nice guy.

    10 years ago, it used to be some young guy much like the guy in the video. My 24″ sony CRT monitor came, which weights 125 lbs, and he throws it out of the truck. He didnt notice I was coming from the side of the truck and says sorry. I am so glad my monitor was packaged well. What a Prick. I am glad the new regular UPS driver is such a good guy.

  32. Hoss says:

    Who has security cameras with sound? And who has the time to edit security feeds from various directions into a loop?

  33. Kwummy says:

    I am more amused by this than I am appalled.

  34. FromThisSoil says:

    Hahaha….that’s grand!

  35. Bourque77 says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: A-men to that. Although in defence of the shipping industry, you’d be surprised how many crappy boxes come through there. Some ups screws up more often or not its someone who has sent the same box 5 or 6 times and its falling apart. I know this might be a surprise to a lot of you but were you aware a thin cardboard box wasnt meant to hold 100+lbs of metal, wood, etc?

  36. Buran says:

    @SBR249: We shouldn’t have to.

  37. chrispiss says:

    A buddy of mine worked at a UPS distribution center for a while. He said they pay out millions a year in insurance claims for broken stuff shipped through them. Basically he said that at the DC they don’t care about being careful and throw packages around like nothing. So rest assured your package has been thoroughly manhandled even before the driver.

  38. bohemian says:

    We had a pair of custom made oak sidechairs shipped from PA. The first pair showed up on my doorstep looking like they kicked the box out of the plane or dropped a volkswagen on it. One of the chairs was broken in three places, totally destroyed. I was really bummed. The guy that made them had put a ton of time into them and we paid quite a bit for these chairs.

    We got through the damage claim nightmare and the second chair to replace the one UPS destroyed showed up. Our front door was one of those full glass french doors and I was sitting nearby. I saw the UPS guy pull up. Then I saw him take three steps out of the truck with this rather large box and throw it underhand like a softball down our sidewalk. It landed about 3ft. in front of the door and slid to a stop against the door. It caught air for a good 20 feet. By the time I got out of the chair and ran to the door to go after the UPS guy he was already in his truck and pulling away.

    Luckily the second one survived the 20 foot toss. Both packages were wrapped in moving blankets and then packed in bubble wrap and dense packing materials.

  39. Aladdyn says:

    Someone told me that if your package is marked fragile they only throw it underhand.

  40. lestat730 says:

    I think the main problem we have in this country is that we don’t pay people enough and then put them through terrible working conditions as well. The result is often the same, unhappy employees just don’t really care about doing a quality job. They may put a lot into it when they first start out, but after awhile they get comfortable and realize they can get the same paycheck even if they take shortcuts. The chances of actually getting caught doing something wrong are minimal so there is no real need to worry. Having had friends who’ve worked at UPS putting packages into the shipping trucks, I’ve heard that it’s not at all uncommon for packages to get tossed around. In this kind of business there is always pressure to make sure everything is on time and that everyone is working quickly and efficiently. This aspect certainly doesn’t help towards a careful delivery in many cases. Most packages we receive probably go through all sorts of abuse on their way to us. All I can say is I haven’t had to many packages arrive damaged, probably do to the excellent packing job many companies do when you order things. When something does arrive broken, the company is almost always willing to replace it at no cost to me.

  41. kingdom2000 says:

    Sucks for whatever was in there but personally I have never had a problem with UPS deliveries. The boxes have never shown signs of wear and tear and the items inside, even when packaged poorly, have been fine. Could be luck but I get enough crap over the years that more then likely the above is a example of a crappy worker rather then a crappy company.

  42. HungryGrrl says:

    I have personally witnessed a UPS driver make a pick up, forget to close the back of his truck, start driving, a bunch of boxes fall off the back of his truck, then stop and THROW them back in the truck.

  43. GitEmSteveDave says:

    @not_seth_brundle: Baggage Handlers are called “throwers”. And if the package vibrates they have to call the police. 1 time in 10, it’s a dildo. Always use the indefinate article. Not your dildo, “A Dildo”.

  44. mrmysterious says:

    All the delivery companies suck and there really isn’t anything you can do. Just today at work I received a new business grade printer that we needed. We ordered it in next day air and the printer came busted to no end. It was so damaged that the toner cartridge inside the box ruptured.

  45. bedofnails says:


    Yes, you should. Companies have TAC’s for a reason; specifically so everyone can’t run around and play the blame game time and time again.

  46. Marce says:

    Delivery drivers do this at my house because they’re afraid of the half norwiegan elkhound, half-husky wolf-looking mutt barking ferociously at them in the window. I can still blame them for doing it.

  47. Edidid says:

    @sarusa: Agreed. I had three packages in the last two weeks which the driver never stopped for. I was home, the screen door open and me sitting on the porch waiting. Each day a package was on the truck for delivery, according to the website, a UPS truck drove by and did not stop. The packages were all listed as unable to be delivered.

    People have no respect for UPS because UPS has no respect for its customer’s time or packages.

  48. Jon Mason says:

    @EDIDID: Yup – the last two times I have waited home for packages, one UPS, one DHL – I have taken a day off work, set up my laptop downstairs, down the hall facing the front door (which has glass either side). Both times they were showing out for delivery – both times they came as “unable to be delivered – customer not home”. The second time I called them at 5pm to see where the package was, was told they spoke to the driver and he was on his way, would be there in 30 minutes. An hour later I called back and they said “it says he attempted delivery, nobody was home.” They completely BULLSHIT their customers, because the drivers are under such pressure to just make the numbers and obviously have no checks and balances, so any stops they fail to make they just put down as “attempted delivery.” F**kers.

  49. EtherealStrife says:

    Uh you shouldn’t have to tip people to get acceptable service. Somewhere up the money trail you pay their salary, and if they aren’t happy with their jobs they should quit. This goes for all professions. In this case tossing a package reflects badly on both the tosser and the company he is representing (UPS). I could write commentless code, but I don’t. It’s both unprofessional and unacceptable.

    @kingdom2000: Agreed. UPS has always delivered packages in fair condition for me. My only complaint goes for all delivery services in my area: they don’t ring the damned doorbell. If it’s sig req they just leave a slip and drive off. When I wait outside during their usual delivery time and catch them in the act they don’t show any remorse, only annoyance.

  50. mospeada says:

    I certainly don’t condone this treatment, I’d contact the hub’s supervisor to report this crap.

    That said, I love the UPS drivers I deal with both professionally and privately. At work, our driver bends over backwards and we pitch in when he’s got a huge order 20+ boxes. He appreciates it and treats us like kings.

    The gal who delivers to my house always wraps my packages in the plastic bag if it looks like rain and further covers them with my doormat. Once I ordered a computer case and didn’t have a authorization signature on it so she (thinking it was an entire computer) asked my neighbor to accept it.

    USPS is similar for me, guess I’m lucky.

    No Fedex, those are some right bastards!

  51. allstarecho says:

    Someone just lost a job.

  52. campero says:

    That was AWESOME!…he he
    You could totally tell it was a light package though, I don’t think they would be able to throw a desktop in a box like that…
    But yeah the video is hilarious…

  53. campero says:

    @HungryGrrl: That’s awesome…ROFL

  54. Mary says:

    I’ve never had a problem with UPS or FedEx pretending to deliver things and not actually doing it.

    DHL on the other hand, I hope I never have to deal with again. THREE TIMES they’ve decided to just not deliver something because they didn’t have the proper apartment number, and all three times the apartment number was given to them, but not printed on their delivery slip. They didn’t call, they didn’t try too hard to correct the error. It wasn’t until I called and said “where’s my box?” that they bothered with it.

    But I’ve used FedEx and UPS frequently at my old job, and both worked really well. I guess it’s the luck of the draw for which guy you get assigned to your area.

  55. alice_bunnie says:

    Doesn’t beat DHL. I ordered eyeglasses and they arrived in a 8×5 padded envelope. The delivery guy decided the front porch wasn’t a good place to put them. Laid them down in front of the garage door in the driveway. Luckily I saw them, they were laying right where I normally aim my front tires. :/

    The next day UPS delivered a box and put it in the same place. Nicely visible from the street, not discreetly on the front porch. At least this was a larger box and not an envelope.

  56. erockO says:

    THIS is how you deliver a package

  57. LionelEHutz says:

    It is the homowner’s fault. They should have a moving sidewalk, colored red no less, for the UPS guy because anybody who sits on their ass as much as they do can’t possibly be expected to actually walk up to the doorway.

  58. ksnicholas says:

    I have had both good and bad experiences with UPS drivers. One driver threw a package hard enough that my front door which was slightly ajar came open and banged loudly into the wall. Another driver took the time to walk around to the back of the house so a large package was out of view of the street, and then wrote a note telling me where it was.

  59. jeff3545 says:

    What exactly was this homeowner hoping to secure with cameras? Was he trying to keep Sanford & Son from making off with his junk. If the UPS guy has to navigate an obstacle course to the front door, there’s a point at which I won’t fault him for chucking the package.

  60. WillACarpenter says:

    I didn’t know UPS guys worked as Moving Guys during their down time! Sweet!


  61. Havok154 says:

    Hah, you can even see when it hits that kids wagon.

  62. factotum says:

    There’s a book titled “Gig, Americans Talk About Their Jobs” that details all sorts of different jobs written by the workers that perform them. The first one is a UPS driver. Here is an excerpt.

    “The service you give people all depends on how they tip you at Christmas. People who don’t tip you at Christmas, you fuck them. They get dropped off late in the day and picked up early. Or, you drop ’em off and pick ’em up a the same time.” … “I’ve also delivered dildos and lots of porno. You can tell because anything from 1 Apple Court in North Carolina is pornography. So you tear it open. The clerk told me that in the beginning. You always open it, you know, to read it, check it out, see what it is, laugh about it. You just open it up on the truck and then you tape it up again after you’ve looked.”

  63. Maulleigh says:

    @factotum: I always think about that part in GIG. Thanks for mentioning it here.

  64. waxer says:

    Yah! Good mid-day laugh. Thanks!

  65. GiselleBeardchen says:

    Considering that it appears the security cam system is exponentially more valuable than the property it protects, I say we give the UPS guy the benefit of the doubt. He does look down a couple of times and judging from the rest of the property–there very well could have been a river of shit he had to hurdle to get to the porch.

    Was this package going to Fred G. Sanford?

  66. evilisay says:

    I had a friend who worked at UPS for years in the early 90’s. This type of abuse is the least of a consumers worries. The best story he told me was how the guys loading the trucks use to be able to take those Gateway cow boxes and bounce them like basket balls. Gateway use to pack those things tight he would say!

  67. chimmike says:

    first, I’m kind of curious. I’ve never seen a UPS delivery guy move so slowly. 9 out of 10 UPS guys are at a full sprint delivering packages, the other one guy at least jogs quickly.

    Second, two delivery vans parked ghetto style in the driveway. Nice work. Sidewalk? Severely overgrown bushes block it. Maybe there were spider webs or other shit in front of the door that he didn’t want to go through? I can’t blame the guy for not going all the way through the frickin bushes…………..if you can’t maintain your property, don’t get pissed when delivery people won’t come to your front door.

    As someone said before, the only thing that caught my eye was the white-trashyness.

  68. Canadian Impostor says:

    You can see him pushing his way between those two bushes when he gets to the end, looks down and gets the “fuck it” look on his face. There was probably a ton of shit in his way, put there by the people who wanted to catch a UPS driver throwing a package.

    This all seems like a setup, or a fake video.

  69. Raziya says:

    Ha, this video is hilarious.

  70. Phuturephunk says:

    As much as I want to wag my finger at UPS, you should hear some of the stories these guys have about trying to deliver packages to customers like this guy probably is. If there’s that much shit in his front lawn area, I can only imagine the minefield to the front doorstep.

    Not that I like to side with Corporate America, but c’mon, there’s more to this than is being said.

  71. wndrwmn24 says:

    I love it when I get huge boxes and they put my doormat over it to hide it……talk about making it more conspicuous.

  72. É®îç says:

    If you would like to see a higher quality version of this video (and read the comments from the guy who made it) go here – []

    You can actually see the cobwebs other crap that have taken over the entrance to the residence. Can’t blame the deliveryman entirely.

  73. Dibbler says:

    UPS guys have always been great delivering stuff. It’s the FedEx guys that pull into the driveway, write something on their notepad and then back out and leave. Later it shows up on the tracking website as “no one home to sign” or something like that. I had to run out and chase the guy down the street on time to get my package.

  74. nctrnlboy says:

    You guys saying that its a white-trash place the guy is delivering to are NUTS! All I saw were two vehicles parked in the parking spot (who knows if there was enough room to park them perfectly parallel… & why does that matter?), a couple of empty trashcans (possibly left over from trash day pickup), a small child’s wagon on the porch and a quite decent security camera setup (wish my camera setup was that nice!). I’d hardly call that a white-trash meth den!

    Oh noes! The delivery guy had to dodge a branch & squeeze between two bushes!!!!! Maybe he should have just dropkicked the package from the ups truck then? Sorry, if ANYONE is at fault here… it is the ups delivery guy who literally THREW a customer’s package on the porch instead of setting it down.

  75. lostsynapse says:

    I talked to a person who worked years ago in a hub unloading semis. The people there had very abusive supervisors so they would retaliate in the back to the truck where before dawn the cameras could not see them. They would love to repeatedly drop computers and hide letters behind the plywood lining the walls of the truck.

  76. quantum-shaman says:

    hey if i had to walk through thorny bushes in shorts and step over giant dog turds in the walkway to deliver your damn box, i’d toss it at your door too.

  77. skittlbrau says:

    My ups guy never rang the bell, and I was home waiting for my package – even leaving a note on the door that I was home. I think it had to do with the fourth floor walkup part.

    I called the depot and bitched until the guy came back. Now I get packages delivered at work and let the mailroom handle the UPS men.

  78. zackola says:

    WTF! I saw this happen outside my building the other day too. But it was FedEx. This guy was literally throwing boxes of stuff out of the back of his truck onto the street, then stacking them up neatly on his handtruck. Idiots.

  79. drumbum says:

    While browsing the UPS website, I noticed they have a new service, called Delivery Intercept:

    Why does this seem like a great idea for scammers and a horrible idea for people buying off of Ebay??

  80. katiew480 says:

    I once had to delay a vacation for two extra days while waiting for a box of wedding invitations to arrive via UPS. The reason? I was told by customer service that it was a weather issue (though it was 80 degrees and sunny). She said that on warm days the drivers sometimes only complete half their route, due to lack of A/C in the truck. I hate UPS.

  81. The service you give people all depends on how they tip you at Christmas…

    @factotum: Wha? Tip? Seriously?

  82. kimsama says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: Haha, let’s not turn this into another tip thread! ^_^

  83. warf0x0r says:

    What was on the steps? It looked like he was disgusted by whatever was between him and the door.

  84. deeness says:

    That explains it. My front porch is currently under construction. The stairs are gone completely, so the deck (what’s left of it) is inaccessible. In addition to the caution tape I left a sign on the door for UPS to please leave my package on the back deck (like they frequently do for my next door neighbor). Of course I get home and the large, but light, package is on my front porch. So I’m pissed because I figure if he had fallen I’d be sued plus I have to retrieve the darned thing…I’m eight months pregnant by the way. But since he probably just lobbed the package from the curb, I guess it’s all good.

  85. bbbici says:

    That is really stupid for the 4 seconds it saved him. I guess he doesn’t receive too many packages himself.

  86. @kimsama: Sorry! Sorry! Pretend I said nothing! :)

  87. Eilonwynn says:

    Purolator in Canada is worse. I’ve done pick-up jobs for them through a temp agency around christmas because I needed the money – I’ve watched the guys there, in the plant, under the supervisor’s noses, play baseball with packages as they’re loading the truck, use them as steps in order to clear blockages as the stuff comes down to be loaded…. I’ve yet to find a shipping company that doesn’t treat my shipments like complete crap.

  88. radiationman says:

    Unfortunately this isn’t unique to UPS.

    I’ve caught DHL in Virginia doing this on several occasions. Actually called DHL from my car as a driver I was following stopped in front of a house rolled down the window and flung the envelope at the door of the house he was delivering to.

    I’ve never had an issue with UPS or FedEX, but DHL is a different story… 4 suitcases left on my lawn with no knocking, drivers not even attempting to deliver – just leaving “missed you” notes, as well as envelopes and packages found in my bushes becuase the driver just tossed them towards my door…

  89. bambino says:

    @cheviot: Give me a fucking break. Literally.

  90. bambino says:

    @LatherRinseRepeat: Yep. My drum teacher used to do handling for them. Worst ‘care’ ever.

  91. OptiGeek says:

    Gripe #1: Delivery guys who put a heavy package against the storm door (opens outward, duh!) so that I can’t open the freaking door!!!

    Gripe #2: The FedEx guy didn’t ring the doorbell and left with my medicine (no signature required — could have left it on the porch). I had to wait till he returned to the office and unload his truck, oh, and of course, I had to drive 2 towns away where the office is (don’t know what you call the depot, dispatching place). It was on a Friday and I needed my meds and he never even tried to see if anyone was home AND IT DIDN’T EVEN MATTER! No signature required, doofus!

    And yes, I’ve seen the mail carrier throw a package once he had taken as few steps as possible.

  92. jpp123 says:

    Fedex ground are the worst -they threw a computer monitor over a 6 foot gate when I wasn’t in.

  93. celtickuja says:

    @JEANNAIMARD, wrong. UPS drivers are paid by the hour. FedEx drivers are paid per package.

    UPS delivery guidelines indicate that it is perfectly acceptable to leave a package without a signature at a residential location. Companies who ship via UPS are aware of this and have the option to require it be signed for. If a driver releases a package without signature, and it goes missing, UPS is accountable for it since they can’t provide proof of delivery.

    You also must take in to consideration that the driver can see where the package is from. Surely in this case he knew that it was clothing or some other unbreakable item (the package sure appears to be very light weight, obviously not “imported German porcelain dolls” as Consumerist so snidely remarks). Keep in mind these drivers have families that they would like to get home to some time before 8PM. So sorry if your blouse from J Jill has a wrinkle in it because the UPS driver tossed it gently on to your porch.

  94. ironchef says:


    or the UPS drivers read it as…Fragi-lay. That’s must be Italian!

  95. consumer_999 says:

    Yay! So glad someone caught one of these lowlifes doing what comes naturally. This is standard practice from what I’ve seen. When people are outside near their homes and a delivery comes, it’s with a smile and a friendly word. During the day when “no one’s around” (I work at home, so I see it regularly), it’s a matter of speeding up with the truck, throwing your package from a distance, and speeding away. Because they truly care about your package!

    A funny event I saw one time: in his haste to deliver before his shift ended, Joe UPS drove into a nearby circular driveway with a low hanging tree over it, and slammed the roof of the truck into the tree branches. The tree won. Dented the roof in pretty good, all along the top. After screaming profanities (“Mother fucker! Fuck! Shit! FUUUCK!!!!”) he of course did the usual – threw the package and drove away.

  96. DanGarion says:

    people actually think this is real? Wow… Looks fake to me.

  97. Wubbytoes says:

    Haha, what a lazy bastard. Would it have killed him to walk another few feet to the door?

  98. Kezzerxir says:

    Someone should ship some sensors to various parts of the country and and see how much abuse packages really do get.

  99. tinyrobot says:

    You have to remember, UPS drivers are normal people. And just like normal people (especially here in NYC), some are angels, and some are horrendous douchebags. Our driver that delivered for us in Bed-Sty was incredibly nice, brought bones for our puppy, and would come back twice rather than leaving an infonotice. Our UPS guy in our new ‘hood is even sweeter than the last fella, and is always friendly and cheerful no matter how hot it is.

    This caught-on-camera fella is clearly demonstrating one of two things: either he is an unforgivable douchebag, or the people he is delivering to are such miserable pricks that you or I wouldn’t hesitate to throw their property at their property either.

    Everyone wants respect from people in service industries, but remember that it’s always a two way street. If this driver was just being lazy, than he should clearly be reprimanded or fired for such conduct. If he had a grudge because he was treated like crap by the customer, I’d say that’s not entirely UPS’ problem….

  100. EllisDee says:

    I think that the title of this “How UPS delivers when you’re not watching” is a little bit misleading. Every UPS deliveryman I’ve met has been really nice and several times has done MORE then they need to. My packages are ALWAYS behind my screen door, or even sometimes at my back door.
    One year, my mom ordered a lot of christmas gifts via catalog, and the box would have a picture of the item on the outside. The UPS man placed all the packages inside our basement door (outdoor, unlocked basement) and then placed a note above our door (so none of the younger kids could read it) that he was worried the kids would see what they were getting for X-mas.

    Don’t be so quick to bash the ENTIRE UPS, because ONE guy was a bit lazy, MAYBE. We don’t even know if he could reach the door or not.

  101. Moosehawk says:

    I know two people who do a paper route at night. When they have to pee, they’ll do it right on your lawn. Or against your house.

  102. ow3n says:

    This behaviour doesn’t surprise me at all. A lot of people have commented that the UPS centers are where your package will really get abused. My parents own a metalworking business, and one of their products are tables. They have 1/4″ iron bars, welded, with aluminum sides and brass accents (little half circles that they screw into the table) with a copper insert and a glass top. A least three or four times, the shops that they shipped the tables to arrived with broken weld joints, the brass accents *sheared* off (the screw on at least 1/4″, if not more) and the several of the iron bars bent! They’ve been using UPS for over 20 years, so they’re very familiar with the packing standards, but the way these tables were damaged was appalling. Unfortunately, UPS would only pay them wholesale value of the table, not retail.

    We’ve also had mixed experience with drivers too. The driver we have now leaves dog treats for our 2 dogs. We had another driver that delivered to us for a year, and when it came time to chose routes again, he got beat out for our route by someone with more seniority. On the last day on his route, when he told us he wouldn’t be delivering to us anymore he started crying! Another driver drove like a madman, I can’t count the times I came around the corner, and he was coming down on my side of the road at 50mph. And that was before our road was paved; it was a really narrow road (you could see 3 tracks on the road from cars, one on each side, and one down the middle. If you wanted to pass someone coming the other way, both of you had to get on to the shoulder.), so meeting this man on the road was very dangerous and hair-raising.

    Overall, we’ve had good luck with our drivers. With my parents business, UPS delivers or picks up almost daily, so we really get to know our drivers. Most of them have been really good, bring the packages to the porch, setting them down (not tossing like this jerk did), and being pleasant to interact with.


  103. Razzler says:

    While I’m not condoning the guy’s behavior, there’s clearly a reaon he couldn’t/didn’t want to navigate the final stretch to the door.

    @ncrnlboy While the messy yard and sloppily-parked cars aren’t firm proof of creepiness, normal suburbanites just don’t have multi-camera security systems with audio. Anyone who does is either has serious paranoia problems or is hiding something big. Besides, what little we can see of the yard points to some major-league sketchiness; who knows what the delivery guy saw that made him want to get the hell out of dodge?

  104. jennifert says:

    Wow. I heard a lot of things like this about UPS recently and was willing to give them a break … until I got an order delivered by them from UPS delivered my 300 dvd by getting an elastic and hooking the dvd onto the door handle. Anyone in the 17 floor condo I live in could have just grabbed it and walked off. My door even had a mail slot, why not just drop it in? Nice to know someone caught an incident on tape! Way to go!

  105. Eleo says:

    As outright rude and careless as that looks, it seems like the package and its contents were extremely lightweight and whatever was in there was probably in no damage of breaking. I think the guy sensed that which is why he had no problem in tossing it. Yeah it looks bad, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have done that if people were around, but I think the offense would be much worse if there were something heavier in there, like something electronic or made of glass. I’m sure the contents of the package (and the box itself) were just fine.

  106. Buran says:

    @bedofnails: No, we shouldn’t. The company should do ITS job.

  107. Buran says:

    @lestat730: That’s not an excuse for slacking. You aren’t hired to do a crappy job… if these guys don’t like their jobs they can get new ones.

  108. Buran says:

    @Eleo: Show me proof of the guy’s X-ray eyes.

  109. mrwok says:

    So that is why the midgets i ship via ups are always covered in vomit when they arrive. sorry, l’il fellas!

  110. celtickuja says:

    @JENNIFERT: It’s actually a federal offense to use a mailbox or a mail slot for anything other than delivery of US Mail. That’s why. Did you check the label to see if your shipper had declared “no signature required” or “driver release”? That’s the only time a package should be left at an apartment without being signed for. UPS policy, not my opinion.

  111. jennifert says:

    @CELTICKUJA: I will check the package again to see what it says and post back, I do not believe I saw no signature required however. Do the same laws apply in Canada?

  112. iknowall327 says:

    I work for UPS in Connecticut. Obviously this wasn`t the best thing for the guy to do, you have to remember you cant judge a group by one person. Regardless of what you see in the video it is correct that shippers should pack their parcels with 1 inch packing inside to prevent most damage. There could have been something in his direct path as well blocking him from moving closer, he does stop and then throw, if he was in a real rush would he run and throw from a little further than that? Ever see your UPS guy run? I can tell you I do, especially this time of year. If the package is light enough where i know fully that what is inside is safe for a toss then i surely will. Our machines inside the huds are handling packages up to 70 lbs with packages .01 lbs. You have more to worry about inside of our and Fed Ex`s buildings than you do about us tossing a box. I find myself uncrushing boxes to make them presentable to the customer because the shippers will send you a tiny item in a gigantic box. if anything the item bouncing around the inside of a large box is causing more than the toss. any insider questions feel free to ask.

  113. o.O. Holy shit, that is wrong on so many levels.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Wow! He was so dreamy, kinda like my U.P.S. delivery man! Gosh thats just too bad that this strapping lad was missed by whoever it is that inhabits this house. I feel so sorry for any lady who isnt home when these mysteriously alluring brown clad hunks make their stops.