Is There Any Limit To How Often A Debt Collector Can Call?

A California reader has been getting calls from a debt collector every day and asks if there’s any limit to the amount of times a debt collector may call.

There is no limit to the number of calls they can make to you, but if you feel they’re harassing, you can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s public inquiry division, according to this page on the CA AG’s website. Furthermore,

There is no law that specifically limits the number of calls an agency may make to you, but repeated calls over a short period, which may be annoying or harassing, are prohibited. If you prefer that the agency contact you only by mail, you may ask them to do that. We suggest that you make that request by certified mail and keep a copy for your records (15 USC Sections 1692c & 1692d; CC Section 1788.11(d) & (e))…

…If you want to stop all contact from the agency you may request that they not contact you again. This request MUST be in writing. We suggest that you mail it certified, “return receipt requested” so you have proof of its delivery. Once the agency receives your letter, its employees can only contact you one final time to explain what action they plan to take. After that, contact must stop. Remember, though, that if you request no further contact in any way, you may leave the agency with no choice but to take you to court (15 USC Section 1692c(C)).

Sometimes just raising the bar a little bit higher for them to jump over is enough to make them give up on you.

Your rights under California’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act []