Leaks: "Time Warner Cable Vs NFL Network" Customer Retention Document

Time Warner Cable is, like Comcast, currently warring with the NFL network over who should pay for the network. Time Warner, like Comcast, says the NFL channel should be placed on a pay tier so that only the fans who want to watch the games will have to pay the $100 million dollars its going to cost Time Warner to carry the channel.

NFL says:

“Time Warner wants the network on a sports tier — where fans would have to pay extra,” he said. “That’s not something we’re willing to do — have our fans exploited for Time Warner’s profits.

In the meantime, a little bird showed us the customer retention document that TWC CSRs are reading from when you call to complain.

Nothing too scandalous: Basically TWC wants their CSRs to remind you that you can watch your home team’s games without the NFL network because they’ll be broadcast locally. They also put the blame squarely on the NFL. From their Q&A script:

I don’t care just about my home team. I want to watch all 8 games the NFL Network is going to show- they’re planning on showing the best of the NFL season!

It’s unfortunate because these 8 games were free to you before the NFL moved them to NFL Network. We want to offer the NFL Network to all TWC customers today. Right now, the NFL is demanding unfair terms that would result in an unfair deal for TWC and you. TWC supports football and wants to reach an agreement with the NFL Network that provides the greatest benefit to you.

TWC and the NFL Network are two big companies, why can’t you work it out?

You bring up a valid question. The NFL Network has refused our offer. Right now, they want to charge TWC and every customer a high price for eight regular season games. TWC is committed to providing all customers offers that are a good value and will resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, if you are in the local broadcast area of your home team, you’ll be able to see your local team games on CBS, FOX, NBC or ESPN even when the game is shown on the NFL network.

Then NFL and TWC need to work this out, the stalemate is bad for consumers.

Time Warner Cable – NFL Network Response (PDF)

Time Warner, NFL Network remain at odds [Caller-Times]

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