Tecnu Washes Away Poison Ivy Oils Instead Of Just Dulling The Itch

We got some poison ivy and first we tried our Hot/Cold water method. In this, first you run hot water on the rash until it’s so hot you can’t stand it. Then hold it there. Then flip the water to freezing. Your nerves will be so freaked out they won’t know how to itch for the next few fours.

Days later, the rash hadn’t gone away and we were starting to go insane. We bought 3 poison ivy products but only one of them really worked.

Extra-Strength Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream sorta/maybe dulled the itching, but we didn’t notice a big difference. Ivy-Dry Super was fun to squirt on and we didn’t have to touch our weeping balls of poison ivy, but after the menthol dissipated it didn’t really seem to do much.

Then we tried Tecnu Outdor Skin Cleanser. You rub it on for two minutes then run it in cold water. It actually cuts the oils causing the irritation and washed them away, and we felt immediate relief. After that, we felt no more itching. Tecnu is awesome, you can get some here. They’re selling it for about $11 on Amazon.

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