Top Posts Of The Week

  • Chili’s Awesome Blossom Menu Picture Vs Reality
    “I’ve been a professional cook for 14 years and when I saw what I got I was personally offended.”

  • Circuit City Rep Offers Refund Of $389, Now Is “No Longer In The Dept” And Won’t Help
    “Here we are, 21 days later and no response from Crystal or Circuit City support.”

  • Comcast Cut My DSL Line
    “Fed up with Comcast’s lies, Ian hopped in his car and drove to the nearest Comcast office.”

  • Leaky Mug? Contigo’s Senior Engineer Can Explain The Problem And Send You A Replacement
    “When Joe wrote to Contigo, he quickly received an unexpected reply from the mug’s designer.”

  • Apple Debits Money From The Wrong Account, Now You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage
    “Now Apple has over $3300 of their money and they can’t pay their bills.”