FTC Subpoenas 44 Food Companies That Target Kids

The FTC has issued subpoenas to 44 food and beverage companies that market to kids, including Burger King, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Kraft. The companies are being called on to disclose how much they spend on their marketing campaigns to kids, as well as “specific information about their marketing practices,” by November 1st of this year.

According to Adweek, most of the big companies that were subpoenaed were expecting it, and “had already taken steps they said would foster more responsible marketing to kids.” This includes Kellog’s announcement in June that it would stop marketing unhealthy foods to kids 12 and under, and last month’s joint announcement from 11 companies that they will stop showing ads for junk food on children’s shows (although this “commitment” turned out to be pure PR spin upon closer examination).

FTC Issues Subpoenas to Food Marketers [Adweek]

(Photo: Getty)

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