Subpoenaed By Circuit City

According to Consumerist’s sister-site Kotaku, has been sued subpoenaed by Circuit City over some leaked advertisements posted to their forum.

Circuity City wants CheapAssGamer to turn over all personal information they have on user “Speedy1961,” a forum member who has been happily leaking CC’s weekly ads before their official release. Kotaku says:

“The subpoena mentions one CheapAssGamer thread in particular, which prior to E3, revealed that the PS3 would get a price drop. That same thread also included pricing for games at Circuit City as well as game prices at Target and Best Buy.”

Good news for CheapAssGamer’s users, they’re not just handing the information over:

“The CAG community’s trust and respect is very important to me, so I’ve hired legal representation to deal with the situation,” Abrams [CAG Productions CEO] tells Kotaku.

Circuit City Subpoenas CheapAssGamer