Personal Finance Round-Up

Top 10 Wealth Building Ways Of Ordinary People [The Digerati Life]
“These are the stories and financial plans of ambitious, hard-working people I’ve met. Moral of these stories: wealth building is doable by everyone.”

One Sentence Summaries of 10 Prominent Personal Finance Books [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]
“One sentence condensation of some very prominent personal finance books that are probably worth reading all the way through.”

Twenty Five Uses for Paper Bags [Wise Bread]
“I’ll admit it: I’m obsessive about paper bags. If you have a bunch around the house, here are twenty five ways to put them to good use.”

How Those Evil Credit Cards Can Be Good for You [Get Rich Slowly]
“When people ask me what I do and I tell them I run a credit card comparison site, they generally look away, as if I’ve just said I’m a pimp. Or a crack dealer. Or a crack-dealing pimp. When I tell them credit cards aren’t all bad, they’re skeptical. You probably are, too. I might not be able to change your mind, but if one less person in the world thinks I’d give cigarettes to an asthmatic, this post will have been worth it.”

Congress Moves Belatedly Against Identity Thieves [Kiplinger]
“After six years of trying, lawmakers are finally about to ban a common cause of identity theft.”

Summer’s perfect time to think about taxes [USA Today]
“Even during the sultry days of August, there are things you can do to reduce your federal and state tax bills.”



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  1. nffcnnr says:

    and one more tip: Look around on the ground for free money.

  2. says:

    from article 1:
    #9 Frugalist/Coupon Clipper

    yup. works everytime. then put the difference from whatever the thiny at the bottom says for the amount you’ve saved into savings

  3. says:

    @nffcnnr: lol that works too.

  4. says:

    *thingy i meant to say

  5. acambras says:

    Paper bag use #26: If your favorite sports team is having a bad season, attend the game with a paper bag over your head. Cut eyeholes so you can see the action, or omit the eyeholes, if you just can’t stand to watch. Always cut a mouthhole for beer consumption.

  6. says:

    rich friends #27: search the couch cushions of rich friends

  7. pestie says:

    …if one less person in the world thinks I’d give cigarettes to an asthmatic…

    I’ve been asthmatic since childhood, but was also a smoker for a while. Oddly, smoking didn’t seem to make my asthma any worse. Go figure.