"Free Checking" Is Different Than "WaMu Free Checking." What?

Reader Edward would like to let you know that “Free Checking” at Washington Mutual is different than “WaMu Free Checking,” and if you’d like those “free checks” they’ve been advertising, you’d better make sure you’ve been upgraded to “WaMu Free Checking.” If you’ve got “Free Checking” like Edward did, and you try to order checks, you will be charged $20.

Edward writes:

I’ve been a customer with WaMu for over 7 years, and am appalled over their treatment of me. I’ve ordered a box of checks, which under the advertising for “WaMu Free Checking” is free. Of course, silly me I only have a “Free Checking” Account and got dinged $20 for those checks. Apparently “WaMu Free Checking” is different from “Free Checking”. Seems the same to me though… Very misleading!! Regular phone support was ridiculously useless. I’ve contact the executive team, and hopefully they will get me my free checks that they say I should get.

Eventually Edward was told he had to head over to his WaMu branch to have things sorted out.

Edward says:

I think it’d be a good warning to those with old “Free Checking” accounts at Washington Mutual to check with the teller next time and make sure they get upgraded to “WaMu Free Checking”. Misleading, don’t you think?

Sure do, Ed.

(Photo:Meghann Marco)

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