Jeweler Caught Selling Fake Tiffany Items

Tiffany & Co has won an injunction against Starglam, INC, a company that has been selling fake Tiffany-branded items. From Reuters:

Tiffany said that according to the judgment issued by a federal court in New York, Starglam Inc., and its principal, John Shamir, should not engage in any further counterfeiting of Tiffany-branded items or infringing on its trademark.

Starglam and Shamir were also required to pay Tiffany $956,793.15, the company said.

Starglam had been distributing counterfeit Tiffany items in Asia and New York and also on Internet sites like eBay Inc.


Tiffany wins injunction in counterfeit lawsuit [Reuters]


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  1. MalcoveMagnesia says:

    Now where am I going to get my next engagement ring from, huh?


    (while backpacking, I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of Tiffany knockoffs that I saw at markets in Hong Kong)

  2. Anitra says:

    That explains why so many people asked me if my Tiffany bracelet was genuine when I sold it on eBay. It was genuine, just too small, and I was too lazy to make the trip to an actual Tiffany store to return/exchange it. (It was a gift and had been sitting in my drawer for about 5 years; I was just glad to get something for it.)

  3. megscole64 says:

    Anitrasmith – A LOT of so called Tiffany’s, Coach, VL, etc. pieces on EBay are super fake. Sometimes it’s really obvious but the fakers are getting better and better at creating look-a-likes to high end items. I’m glad that Tiffany’s won this – I only hope that Starglam is put out of business. Somehow I doubt it considering the billions of dollars that counterfeiting brings. I wish people were more discerning and concerned about buying fakes! That is the only thing that will put them out of business.

  4. Crazytree says:

    too bad they haven’t been able to pwn eBay.

  5. welsey says:

    @megscole64: I read somewhere that a lot of the “fakes” are just extra product made on exactly the same line as the real stuff. So it’s not just good fakes, they’re exactly the same thing. I think it’s handbags that this happens to to the most often.

    This might be entirely untrue and I’m sorry for spreading rumors if so.

  6. jamar0303 says:

    @welsey: Nope, it’s all true, espeially stuff made in China (the factory owners are always looking to make more than they get from Prada/Coach/etc so they sell the extra stuff locally- pure profit). This is also happening with the Wii in China- it’s not officially released there yet but I don’t think I have been to a single game store in Shanghai that doesn’t sell it (and they’re never out of stock too- compare to America).

  7. This warms the cockles of my cold little heart to no end. Fakes are gross and fund all kinds of illicit stuff, including terrorism. An educated consumer is the best weapon we have against this – otherwise we run the risk of being brought down by our own greed.

    Ladies (and guys), don’t buy those disgusting fakes – you’re not really fooling anybody. At the very least we pity you for your superficiality and desperation; at the worst we are laughing behind your back. There are plenty of awesome bags and accessories for any budget, go get one.

    Sorry for the rant. This is one topic about which I care deeply.