Please Don't Ask IRS Agents To Change Their User Name Or Password

If you ask nicely, thoughtless, gullible, IRS agents are willing to give you their user name and change their password, according to a recent report from the Treasury Inspector General. The report condemns our tax collectors for failing to observe the most basic security measures, despite recent entreaties for employees to be extra vigilant about protecting sensitive taxpayer data. From the AP:

    “Only eight of the 102 employees contacted either the inspector general’s office or IRS security offices to validate the legitimacy of the caller.

    The report said the IRS took measures to improve security after two similar test telephone calls in 2001 and 2004. “However, the corrective actions have not been effective,” it said.”

The IRS does not dispute the report’s accuracy.

Computer Security Problems Found at IRS [AP]
(Photo: Mrs. Reed)

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