Albertson's Jumps On The Recall Bandwagon, Pulls Green Beans From Shelves

Is nothing safe, not even house brand canned vegetables? Reuters reports that on Thursday, supermarket chain Albertson’s announced a recall of its private label French style green beans because of fears they may be contaminated with botulism.

How can you know whether your green beans are dangerous? Albertson’s recently launched “consumer information center” doesn’t offer any help as of Friday morning, but according to Reuters,

The recall involves Albertsons private label French Style Green Beans, 14.5 oz., with UPC number 41163412088.

Or, you can bake them into a casserole for your upstairs neighbor, and then see whether the constant, maddening tattoo of footsteps stops.


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  1. Raziya says:

    Hmm…intersting – I work for Shaw’s, which is part of the Albertson’s family of stores, and I know we carry some of the Albertson’s label veggies…I didn’t see anything about a recall, but then again, I worked the over night so it might not have come down yet.

    Is nothing safe anymore? Jeez!

  2. beyond says:

    Fresh vegetables seem be safe, and taste better. Canned green beans, ew!

  3. Cowboys_fan says:

    I didn’t know canned beans go so well with canned chili. Its like a perfect match.

  4. ptkdude says:

    @beyond: Fresh veggies safe? You must not recall the giant spinach recal, or the tainted green onions at taco bell (which turned out to actually be the lettuce)

  5. beyond says:

    I forgot about the lettuce. But um, I don’t consider anything I’d get from taco bell to be “fresh”.

  6. beyond says:

    Correction, spinach.