My Best Financial Advice: Liz Pulliam Weston

Image courtesy of — FREE MONEY FINANCE

The Consumerist asked personal finance “guru” Liz Pulliam Weston, billed as the Web’s most-read personal finance columnist, to give a short summary of her single best piece of financial advice. Here’s how she responded:

Remove the words ‘can’t,’ ‘won’t’ and ‘but…’ from your vocabulary, as in ‘I can’t do that,’ ‘That won’t work’ and ‘Yeah, but …’ Being willing to consider every possible solution, no matter how weird or radical it might seem at first, is the key to breaking yourself out of old habits and behaviors that aren’t serving you anymore. It’s true in life, and also true with money.

Liz expands on these thoughts in the provocatively titled “Money trouble? It’s your own fault.”


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