In case you hadn’t heard: Airline delays bad, getting worse. “FAA Blames Poor Weather, Traffic Congestion; Little Improvement Likely” [Washington Post] (Thanks, Ian!)


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  1. juri squared says:

    I’m highly amused that Ric Romero’s reputation has traveled beyond FARK.

  2. BK88 says:

    Problem – Too few runways for increasing traffic.

    Airline solution – Let us fly closer together (though we still have to
    wait in line, and still can’t fly in t-storms) and stop taxing us
    because we need another break (the bailout wasn’t enough)

    Real solution – de-emphasize the hub and spoke system and continue to build more runways faster.

  3. axiomatic says:

    Man if I had only known that I can make money in journalism by printing the obvious I would have never spent all the money to get a degree in IT.

  4. KellySutton says:

    Bankrupt airlines operating at full capacity = delays with fabricated excuses.