Today Sponge Relaunches With Website That Appears To Be Aimed At 6 Year-Old Girls

The Today Sponge, the contraceptive sponge made famous by the TV show Seinfeld, has relaunched in the US with a brand new website and brand new package design…

…and it appears to be targeted at 6 year-old girls. Look at all the pretty pink colors and cartoon women. Don’t you want a “Today Sponge” playset, too?

The site even comes with profiles of the “Women of Today,” which one are you? Are you Maria the “health-conscious” 22 year old who has “just graduated and is looking for work?” or Monique, the career-oriented “30-something.”

Wait, where’s the paper doll set that we can print out and dress up with cute outfits? Where can we buy the dolls? What? There aren’t any dolls? Why not? How can we follow our own star without Today Sponge Dolls?

The Today Sponge

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