33-Year-Old Mother Banned From Walmart For Life

Meet Anenide Cherry. Walmart banned her from entering their Palm Bay, FL store after she was caught using her three kids to steal merchandise worth over $300. Loss prevention officers observed Cherry’s tikes, ages 6, 12, and 15, bagging unscanned items at the self-checkout counter. From Local6:

Cherry paid $113 in goods but had a total of $400 worth of stolen merchandise sitting in her cart, police said. Cherry was stopped while a male companion accompanying her bolted out the door, according to reports.

Cherry was charged with retail grand theft and asked to sign an affidavit stating that she will never return to the Palm Bay Walmart. She will not be ordered to wear a sign saying: “I Stole From Walmart.”

Woman Banned For Life From Wal-Mart [Local6.com]

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