Roadside Blasphemy: Walgreens Replacing Chicagoland Icon

“The Spindle,” sometimes known as the Car-Kabob, a giant sculpture in the parking lot of the Cermak Plaza strip mall in Berwyn, Illinois, is set to be destroyed as part of a strip mall reconstruction. Instead, drugstore megachain Walgreens, apparently not content with its near-complete saturation of the Chicagoland landscape, will replace the legendary sculpture. Goodbye, quirky art, hello, homogeneity! (You might remember the 1989 sculpture by artist Dustin Shuler from the movie “Wayne’s World.”) But fans of the art and the citizens of the Chicago suburb of Berwyn aren’t sitting still: The website has launched, and there’s a resolution in the Illinois House decrying the teardown. Will the sculpture survive? Hit the supporters’ site and show ’em your love.

Save the Spindle
(Photo: Seth Tisue)

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