Personal Finance Roundup

Confessions of a Personal Finance Guru [Get Rich Slowly] “I always wonder just how personal finance gurus lead their lives. Do they really follow the advice they give?”

Why Trading Costs Matter [Kiplinger] “Trading costs have
long been acknowledged to be a hidden cost of mutual funds. The significance of this study is that it brings to light how much trading costs really
matter — and when they matter.”

10 Mortgage Lessons From 12 Phone Calls
[Binary Dollar] “I made 12 phone calls today. 2.5 hours of talk time. Here’s what I learned.”

Is A Deep Freezer Worth It? [The Simple Dollar] “The
cost of owning and maintaining the deep freeze is about $130 per year, or about $11 a month. This means that for the deep freeze to be worthwhile, we have to get $11 or more in savings per month out of it. What are our possibilities?”

Save Money When Buying Those Cool Electronics and Gadgets You Hanker For [The Digerati Life] “With all of the folks I know going ga-ga over the iPhone, flat screen televisions, computers, the iPhone, MacBooks, PS3s, the iPhone and the rest of the iPod empire, I thought to go over some strategies that could help people programmed this way to save some money.”


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