SunRocket VoIP Is Dead, Run Away While You Still Can

As of last night, Sunrocket VoIP is unplugged, and they didn’t warn any of their 200,000+ customers, who had been attracted to the service by deals which offered $99 buy-one-year, get-one-year-free unlimited calling to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Now they’re experiencing spotty service, full outages, and a feeling of panic.

Sunrocket customers need to immediately start porting their number (here’s how), and filing chargebacks with their credit card companies to get their money refunded (here’s how).

According to posts on bargain shopping forums, Sunrocket’s CEO Lisa Hook resigned last Friday, their call center sent everyone home, and 300 employees were fired. Basically, there’s just three people left to handle legal issues and no suitors lined up to buy the subscriber base.

A poster self-identifying as a former Sun Rocket employee wrote, “My condolensces to the people who did the work at SR for there hard work and effort has gone to the toilet because of one Captain Lisa Hook and her horde of AOL washouts.” [sic]

“I’ve been a Sunrocket subscriber for a little over 4 months and had no problems with the service,” writes Reader Patrick. “I even recommended it to a few folks (cashed in my reward points in time – whew!). This is a blow for cheapskates like me; I need a landline-like service but I’ll never go back to Ma Bell. SkypeOut maybe. RIP little VOIP.”

Callers to the customer service line hear a recording stating, “We are no longer taking customer service or sales calls. Goodbye,” which then hangs up.

As of this posting, SunRocket still has a new subscriber signup form on their webpage and pitches, “3 Months Free. Act Now! Limited Time Offer.”

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Internet-call service SunRocket cuts off service [Reuters] (Thanks to Jerad!)

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