Get $100 from for opening a Citibank “Ultimate Savings Account.” [Poorer Than You]


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  1. tracilyns says:

    chase is offering a similar deal. $100 free with a new checking account. no minimum balance, but their website says you have to have $100 to open the account. i opened mine with $50. supposedly you get your $100 within 10 business days, and you have to leave the account open for 6 months, and it needs direct deposit. you have to open the account in a branch.

    oh, and each coupon has a unique code, so rather than print one and make copies, hit refresh for however many copies you need.

    plus, if you get a bunch of friends to sign up with you, they have a referral bonus of $25 for the old account holder and for the new one, i think up to five times, but i could be wrong on the number.


  2. Mookitty says:

    Seems that Citi Direct didn’t get updated for Y2K!

    In Arizona, our driver’s licenses don’t expire until our 65th birthday (mine being in 2033). Citi’s error checking believes this to be “in the past” and can’t be verified.


    This sort of stuff makes you wonder what else about their system is screwed up.

  3. tracilyns says:

    so obviously that tinyurl didn’t work. if you google “chase checking account $100 bonus” you should find something that will link to the right page.