Coca-Cola Is The "Best Brand," Microsoft Beats Apple

Coca-Cola has come out on top of the “Best Brands” Harris Poll for the first time ever. Sony, the leader for the past 7 years slipped to number 2.

Only 4 brands have lasted 10 years on the poll: Ford (which was No. 1 in 1997), Sony (which was No. 3), Coca-Cola (which was No. 7) and Pepsi Cola (which was No. 10).

How Does It Work?

Poll takers give “spontaneous answers” when asked the following question:

“We would like you to think about brands or names of products and services you know. Considering everything, which three brands do you consider the best?”

Consumers are not given a list of brands to choose from.

The Results:

Microsoft jumped into the top 10 this year at #8, beating Apple at #9. Apple was #10 last year, Microsoft wasn’t on the list. Dell slipped a few spots from #2 to land at #4.

Ford was the only American car manufacturer on the list, behind Toyota, but beating Honda. Honda slipped from #6 to #10. Toyota jumped up to grab the #3 spot from last year’s #4.

The top 10 brands for 2007 are:

1) Coca-Cola

2) Sony

3) Toyota

4) Dell

5) Ford

6) Kraft Foods

7) Pepsi

8) Microsoft

9) Apple

10) Honda

Coca Cola On Top For First Time In Annual ‘Best Brands’ Harris Poll (Press Release) [Business Wire]

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