Blogger Amanda at Young and Broke reminds us of how much we miss Stanley’s Fruit and Vegetables in Chicago (Think: Organic strawberries for $0.49) What are your favorite cheap produce sources?


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  1. mopar_man says:

    What are your favorite cheap produce sources?

    Farmer’s markets.

  2. Steel_Pelican says:

    Living in a rural area has some distinct advantages in this regard:
    That’s Lancaster, PA’s Central Market – a big, indoor farmer’s market. Much of it is grown by Amish farmers, so if natural/organic solutions are what you want, it doesn’t get much more back-to-basics than the Amish.
    A head of packaged lettuce, bought at the cheapest bargain basement grocery store is about $.97. A fresh head at Central Market is $.50, and it all goes to local farmers.

  3. ancientsociety says:

    Stanley’s is fairly awesome. But it’s kind of difficult to get to quickly for me, and I live right off the Red Line.

    Evanston Farmer’s Market is my favorite, a little more expensive than Stanley’s but quicker for me to get to.

  4. formergr says:

    Oh man, I just moved away from Chicago last month where I lived exactly 3 blocks from Stanley’s– I really, really miss it. My grocery expenditure has just about doubled I think since moving here to DC

  5. Frank Grimes says:

    In Houston we have Canino’s off of Airline. Kind of in the hood but worth the trip. On the weekends they have a market in the back where the individual members of the co-op sell their produce. You can walk back there with $10 and walk out with a ridiculous variety of produce. It helps a lot of you are well versed in Spanglish but you don’t need to be.

  6. veronykah says:

    Since moving to SoCal from Queens I REALLY miss United Bros. produce market on 30th ave in Astoria…open 24hrs, great prices and good produce! What else can you ask for?

  7. superlayne says:

    Every Saturday morning in the summer, there is this really nice fair-like market in downtown. Local farmers come with their produce…The milk you can buy is the best. I always try to get my dad to buy me sunflowers.

  8. katre50 says:

    If you’re in NYC, go to Three Guys From Brooklyn, at 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn. It’s near the Fort Hamilton stop on the N line. Amazing prices, great quality.

  9. kimsama says:

    @formergr: Where at in DC? There are farmer’s markets scattered throughout some neighborhoods on various days(and VA — don’t know about MD, though) and also in NOVA there are lots of street-vendor type guys selling good and cheap produce. I don’t know how Eastern Market has been since the fire, but you could check that out, too!

  10. notlazyjustdontcare says:

    Is $0.49 a good price for a strawberry?

  11. EditorPerson says:

    Here in Southern California, we have some decent selections of fruits and vegetables at the 99 Cents Only Store. They gets lots of surplus, and most of it is in good shape. And it’s only 99 cents!

  12. reznicek111 says:

    In Chicago, there are lots of good neighborhood “produce markets” that cater to mainly ethnic (Latino, Asian, East European) communities – you will know them by their green storefront awnings! Fruit and veggies are usually fresher and much cheaper than their grocery chain counterparts, though you may not find as many organic options. You won’t find a wide range of brand-name prepared, frozen, or convenience foods at these stores, but you will find very low prices – and for the adventurous, plenty of imported goodies. (my guess is folks who have recently come to this country tend to cook at home from scratch which is time-consuming, but healthier)

    Some of my favorites are Edgewater Produce at 5509 N. Clark Street (mainly Mexican/Latin American foods); Ted’s Fruit Market at 2840 W. Devon Ave (East European focus).

    If you’re out in Niles, try the Sun View Market at 9020 W. Golf Road. It’s in a strip mall next to a retro-ish Value City, but this one is big, bright, very clean, and carries many different varieties of food. Highly recommended.

  13. TeraGram says:

    In Santa Barbara, the best selection & prices are generally found at Tri-County Produce Company (Milpas Street). It’s like a farmer’s market every day! In paying close attention, I have noticed that they’re sometimes undercut by the large supermarkets selling food treated with God knows what from God knows where and it doesn’t bother me a bit. What makes me a dyed-in-the-wool TCPCo. shopper is their level of service. Their employees know their stuff and if you find someone who doesn’t know something about a product, they’ll find someone who does. Go ahead, TRY to get that level of service from Albertson’s or Von’s. Can’t be done!

  14. Jon Parker says:

    Baltimore Farmer’s Market is great. For those in DC, try Han Ah Rheum — there’s one in Catonsville, but I think there’s also one in Rockville. Asian market with tons of good, cheap produce.

  15. RebekahSue says:

    What are your favorite cheap produce sources?

    our local farmers’ market was outrageous last week. 50¢/ear of corn? – wtf?
    our local supermarket, stop & shop, isn’t AS good, price-wise, but the produce is lovely.

    when i’m cooking, i use frozen. out-of-season? – doesn’t matter. the only price difference
    is when fuel/delivery prices go up, not when the seasons change.

    I LOVE Hindingers’ Farm but have only been once this year because of gas prices. The produce
    is fresh, the prices are comparable to the store, and the service is so friendly that I forget I’m in
    New England where our reputation is “chilly.”