Starbucks Kicked Out Of China's Forbidden City

Starbucks has been kicked out of China’s Forbidden City, according to the Seattle P-I, following months of controversy over remarks made by a Chinese State TV news anchor. According to the anchor having a Starbucks in the Forbidden City, “undermined the Forbidden City’s solemnity and trampled over Chinese culture.”

Starbucks says:

“Starbucks appreciates the deep history of the Forbidden City,” said Wang Jinlong, president of Starbucks Greater China.

“We have been honored to have had the opportunity to cooperate with the Forbidden City to enhance the experience of visitors to the museum. We fully respect the decision of Forbidden City to transition to a new mode of concessions service to its museum visitors.”

Does this mean we should remove all the Chinese-made trinkets from Washington D.C. gift shops?

Starbucks closes store in Beijing’s Forbidden City [Seatlle P-I]