Contact T-Mobile Executive Customer Service

Robert Dotson, CEO
Robert Dotson

Also try,
Kelly Spindle
Executive Customer Relations Coordinator
877-290-6323 Ex. 8082

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  1. banned says:

    It couldn’t take too much digging to get this as any tmobile rep will give you that info if you ask to speak with the president.

  2. netrider says:

    The phone number given is a recording to dial 341 plus the extension. It doesn’t work. I looked up T-Mobile corporate in Bellvue, WA. I called and asked for Kelly Spindle. The operator claimed there we no one listed by that name in her directory. I tried the Bellvue area code plus 341-8082 and it’s not a working number. Does anyone have a better number for T-Mobile Executive Customer Service?


  3. Nunyabeezwax says:

    Thanks too much! I was faced with many problems in attempting to add new phones and lines on my existing account in time for my twins birthday. I used the Robert.dodson e-mail address and sent my complaint 10 days ago. I actually received 2 voice mail messages, within a few days, from Mark McCain @ T-Mobile executive offices asking me to return his call at 877-290-6323 ex. 8015. This number also has a recording to dial 341 and the extension. I left him 2 voice mails as well, yesterday. Today there was another voice mail from Mr. McCain stating that since he was unable to make contact me he went ahead and upgraded my account, overriding the current policy, so I could add the lines I needed. He was also shipping me a replacement for the phone I’ve been having problems with, waiving the stocking fee. To my surprise, he also apologized for the situation not being resolved in time for my twins birthday “gig”. I’m impressed and now satisfied!

  4. Scott Wheeler says:

    So I renewed my 2-line family plan contract with T-Mobile in December mostly due to the offer of two free companion tickets I have attempted to search flights using their website using different date and destination combos. At no point have I found the single ticket price any lower than the 2 ticket price quoted via Expedia or another airline’s reservation site. This incentive was a total rip-off anyone else have a similiar experience?

  5. Elizabeth M. Carr says:

    I fully intend to use this information to my advantage. I don’t recommend buying anything that seems to be connected to HTC, as in the T-Mobile Dash is a total DISASTER. This is the second unit I’m on brand new battery, refurbished front unit, and its unusable because it won’t stay on. I’m very unhappy that I bought this unit trying to save some money and instead get to scream at their stupid powered by tell me system that doesn’t understand you. Round 3 coming up. Will let you know what happens.

  6. RAbuata says:

    I have had an account with T-Mobile for more than 5 years, my account has 3000 minutes that i never use in any one month period, i tried to add a line for my wife so we both can use the minutes, but every time I call them I am told that my account is special grandfathered account and they can’t add any phone or lines to it. That is a waste of my money since I do not use all 3000 minutes. Any one have an idea as to what to do with them?

  7. reaver173 says:

    Concerning past due accounts with T-Mobile. I want to pay my bill! I can’t pay the bill per the terms set forth by T-Mobile. Can anyone give me contact info for upper management who may have the authority to negotiate and over ride the standard customer service BS!