Walmart doesn’t just aggregate items once found in Mom and Pop shops – they aggregate criminals, too! “To me, there is an absolute nexus between Wal-Mart and increase crime generated in an area,” [West Boylston, PA Police Chief Minnich] said, adding officers respond to shopliftings, thefts and assaults.


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  1. chili_dog says:

    You know what also increases crimes, traffic and allows unsavory people to congregate? Friday night High School foot ball games.

  2. zekedms says:

    Is there anyone who doesn’t know this?

    After 5 years, Wal-marts are skeevy, scary places, especially after midnight or on Friday night. The last time I went to a Wal-mart on Friday night, I got stuck behind a tweaker for 30 minutes who was talking about a kid on a tricycle that wasn’t there.

    Unsurprisingly, this is the “Rats in the bakery case” Wal-mart. Yeah, it really is as bad as you imagined.

  3. TVarmy says:

    I never thought of that. Shows how sheltered I am. Interesting that people hate when a prison gets installed in town because they think it might raise crime somehow, but love when a Walmart gets installed because they think it will somehow improve their town beyond what a bunch of smaller stores could do.

  4. mac-phisto says:

    the town i work in got a wal-mart about 4 years ago. within those four years, there’s been a massive outbreak of graffiti all over town. i don’t think it’s b/c of wal-mart, but the town is quickly becoming a strip mall & i think that is what is causing it.

    i guess you could say wal-mart shares some indirect responsibility since their move into the community has spurned an explosion of other chain stores.

  5. selianth says:

    Just wanted to point out (since I live in the area) that it’s central Massachusetts, not Pennsylvania, that’s being referred to in the article. In case that matters.

  6. etinterrapax says:

    Oh, good, something to look forward to. In central Massachusetts.

  7. etinterrapax says:

    Incidentally, the Wal-Mart they refer to is the one that’s being built literally in my backyard. Our association won some concessions: it can’t be 24-hour, it can’t go SuperCenter for 20 years (by which time, God willing, we will be long gone), it can’t unload trucks or have lights on past 11 PM, and a host of other things. Do I expect them to honor that agreement? ::dies laughing:: Do I expect our property value to plummet? Yeah.