Top Posts Of The Week

Geek Squad Hatched Plot To Harvest Porn From Pornstar Jasmine Grey’s HardDrive, Days Before She Died In Car Crash
“The sad part is that she passed away in a car crash only days later which quickly formed rainclouds over everyone’s perverted parade.”

Why Geeks Steal Porn From Your Computer
“One guy actually resold to amateur porn sites with what he found. A 4-year degree for 9.50 an hour and that’s the kind of “great attitude” you end up with.”

Sprint Customers Terminated For Complaining Too Much Were Scamming Sprint For Free Service
“These were the customers that had nothing to do but call us every single day demanding credit…a nickel at a time these customers were collecting literally thousands of dollars in credit balances.”

TSA Confiscates Water Bottle, Misses Bomb
“One fake bomb was placed in the same bag as a bottle of water. The TSA opened the bag, took the water, and let the bomb on the plane.”

Get Free Shipping Materials From The Post Office
“The USPS will send you Priority Mail flat rate boxes, shoe boxes, envelopes, video boxes, address labels, stickers…. as well as all the various forms you might need… for free.”